my list of top 11 halving plays where you're still early !!

16 Apr 2024

$BTC halving is happening next week.

Early entry in #BRC20 brought 500x profit.

Early entry in $STAMP brought 900x profit.

Right halving plays can bring you 100x profit.

Here's my list of top halving plays where you're still early

The BRCfi narrative remains robust.

The BTC ecosystem is experiencing significant growth, with Ordinals playing a crucial role in fostering the development of the BRC-20 eco.

I predict that many tokens will see substantial growth of 5-100x before the halving event!

Bitcoin halving takes place roughly every four years, cutting the rate of new bitcoin mined by 50%.

This event decreases the supply of new bitcoins entering the market, potentially causing prices to rise if demand remains stable or increases.

If you didn't know, Bitcoin has a diverse and extensive ecosystem that includes NFT marketplaces, wallets, infrastructure projects, and other things which can improve $BTC utility.


Before diving into BRC-20 tokens, I have to share a genuine gem meme created for the halving event.

I made an early call, but I anticipate this to send even higher.

Key metrics:

• Price: $0.004577
• MC: $9.6M
• FDV: $9.6M
• Volume (24h): $3.9M

Now, let's continue with BRC-20 tokens, because right now is the best time to buy the dips.


Stacks is a blockchain platform for smart contracts, decentralized finance, NFTs, and decentralized apps.

Stacks blockchain is a layer for bitcoin similar to the Lightning Network

Key metrics:

• Price: $2.47
• MC: $3.6B
• FDV: $4.5B
• Volume (24h): $197M


MAP Protocol is a Bitcoin Layer 2 and peer-to-peer omnichain infrastructure that leverages light clients and ZK technology, with a focus on cross-chain interoperability.

Its advantage – during the cross-chain process, it does not rely on any privileged third parties, but is purely peer-to-peer and only puts trust in code.

Key metrics:

• Price: $0.02756
• MC: $65.5M
• FDV: $74.3M
• Volume (24h): $3.7M


Partnered with LayerZero and Chainlink, @SatoshiSync
is an ecosystem of Bitcoin L1 and L2 tools, with over 50,000 users even before the token launch.

SatoshiSync allows anyone to make inscriptions on L1 and any BTC L2 in just a few clicks, taking a fee for SSNC: exposure to the entire BTC inscription economy.

Key metrics:

• Price: $0.1267
• MC: $6.76M
• FDV: $126.7M
• Volume (24h): $580k


Mintlayer is a layer 2 solution enabling users to create a decentralized finance ecosystem on the established Bitcoin blockchain network. This technology opens up Bitcoin to DeFi, smart contracts, atomic swaps, NFTs, and dapps.

Key metrics:

• Price: $0.381
• MC: $24.4M
• FDV: $228M
• Volume (24h): $2.3M


Naka is a low-cost, lightning-fast Bitcoin Layer 2 blockchain designed for DeFi apps that accept Bitcoin payments for gas fees.

It's equivalent to an EVM, enabling developers to migrate dapps from Ethereum to Bitcoin with minimal changes.

Key metrics:

• Price: $0.02314
• MC: $3.5M
• FDV: $50.79M
• Volume (24h): $378k


Bitcoin Virtual Machine (BVM) is a fast-growing L2 protocol built on Bitcoin.

It enables users to establish their own layer 2 networks and increases the value of its native BVM tokens.

The BVM team plans "juicy" airdrops for BVM stakers, which could fuel demand for the tokens.

Key metrics:

• Price: $4.75
• MC: $110.57M
• FDV: $110.57M
• Volume (24h): $17.1M


MVC is a revolutionary public blockchain that incorporates multiple innovations.

Using the UTXO & POW model, it has achieved high performance, extremely low fees, and a high level of decentralization simultaneously.

Key metrics:

• Price: $15.94
• MC: $42.6M
• FDV: $336M
• Volume (24h): $2.4M


Elastos is a unique platform striving to create a blockchain-powered version of the internet.

It aims to overcome the limitations of Ethereum and other DApp platforms, focusing on scalability and flexibility.

Key metrics:

• Price: $3.62
• MC: $79M
• FDV: $91.6M
• Volume (24h): $1.27M


BounceBit is a BTC staking chain that allows users to earn yield on their idle Bitcoin.

The platform emphasizes an early access model, inviting users to join and leverage their Bitcoin for staking purposes.

Launch - soon!


Photon outperforms conventional Layer 2 solutions.

It leverages Bitcoin's secure Layer 1 and strives to empower scalable decentralized applications, providing efficiency and flexibility akin to Ethereum's ecosystem.

Launch - soon!

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