Confirmed Airdrop - Xterio $XTER (Backed by Binance Labs)

7 Apr 2024

Confirmed Airdrop - $XTER

Take your place for the #airdrop by doing the tasks of the Xterio AI project, supported by Binance Labs with a total investment of $ 55,000,000! 🚀

Cost: $1-2 💰
Potential earnings: +$500-$1,500

Participate in the $XTER airdrop event by collecting $PIO points with our guide!

What is @XterioGames ?

Xterio is a developer and publisher of free-to-play and free-to-own games founded by gaming industry veterans. Its mission is to create deep and rich gaming experiences based on player ownership.

The project received a total investment of $55,000,000!

Airdrop Transactions 💰

Let's start the transactions by going directly to the platform.

→ First, make a $1-2 $BNB bridge to Xterio Network.

→ Quickly go to

→ Connect your wallet and deposit $1-2 BNB.

Doing Xterio Quests

Now let's move directly to the tasks.

→ Quickly go to

→ Connect your wallet.

→ Consent for automatic migration to the Xterio Chain network.

→ Then press the Claim your Palio Egg button and confirm from the wallet.

Score Boost and NFT

Quest Now let's increase our points.

→ Press the + button under the Boost tab.

→ Enter and confirm our code for 3x points: a47da1e5f723a6ad9aa207e3b07dea07

→ Share your own code in the comments.

✅ Result

• That's all, congratulations. Collect points by doing all the tasks, repeat the operations.
• Let's not skip these transactions as they are very, very low cost, airdrop can be very valuable!
• Binance Labs is known for airdropping the projects it invests in.

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