Confirmed Airdrop Layer 1 Project $PRYZM (Very important Dont miss Maybe next DYM)

9 Feb 2024

We will participate in the approved #airdrop event by performing Testnet transactions of the Hashed Capital supported Pryzm project! 🚀

Cost: $0 💸
Potential earnings: +500-$1,500 💰

$DYM could be the next. Take your place for the airdrop now with our guide!

What is @Pryzm_Zone ?

Pryzm is the first Layer-1 blockchain dedicated to the collection, trading and use of yield.

Hashed Capital and other names are supporters of the project.

There is talk in the community that he could be the next $DYM.

Airdrop Transactions 💰

First, let's download the Keplr wallet we will use for #Testnet.

* Download Go to

* Download and install the plugin.

* Then create a wallet

Create $PRYZM wallet:

➣ Go to
➣ Download the wallet extension and create a wallet
➣ Go to the wallet settings
➣ Click on "Manage Chain Visibility"
➣ Add Pryzm Testnet
➣ Click on "Save"

Done! Now your $PRYZM wallet is ready to use.

Obtaining Test Tokens

Now let's get the necessary Test tokens from faucet.

* Quickly go to

* Connect your wallet.

* Obtain test tokens by pressing the Request tokens button.

Make swaps:

➣ Go to
➣ Choose tokens
➣ Click on "Swap"
➣ Make at least 10 swaps

Make trades:

➣ Go to
➣ Select a token to pay
➣ Enter the amount
➣ Choose the Pulse interval
➣ Click on "Create"

Create a flow:

➣ Go to
➣ Click on "Create a flow"
➣ Fill in the mandatory sections
➣ Click on "Confirm"

Add liquidity:

➣ Go to
➣ Choose a pool
➣ Enter the amounts of tokens
➣ Click on "Provide Liquidity"

Use liquid staking:

➣ Go to
➣ Select a token
➣ Enter the amount of the token
➣ Click on "Accept and Bond"

Deposit at a fixed/variable rate:

➣ Go to
➣ Select a maturity to refract or redeem
➣ Select the token
➣ Click on "Refract"

Take part in Governance:

➣ Go to
➣ Enter the amounts of tokens
➣ Select the validator
➣ Click on "Stake"

Complete quests on Zealy:

➣ Go to
➣ Participate in $PRYZM activities
➣ Earn XP

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