Approved Airdrop Planet Mojo (Backed by Animoca Brands)

4 Apr 2024

Approved Airdrop

Have you missed thousands of dollars with $GMRX? In that case @WeArePlanetMojo Don't miss the approved #airdrop event of the project! 🚀

Cost: $0 💸
Earnings: +500-$5,000

Take your place for the Animoca Brands-supported $MOJO airdrop with a $5M investment with our guide!

What is @WeArePlanetMojo ?

Planet Mojo is a magical and creative Web3 gaming metaverse platform built by an accomplished team of industry veterans. It has received a total investment of $5,000,000 from leading VCs.

📝 Airdrop Transactions

By registering directly on the platform, we will connect our X (Twitter) account. 👇

→ Quickly go to

→ Then click on the Earn Points button.

→ Create an account with email or log in with google account; create username.

→ Start quests by connecting your X (Twitter) account and wallet.

→ Interact, like, RT, as well as create Tweets containing $MOJO. Just like the others like $PARAM, $BEYOND, $TRIP and $COOKIE. Help us out in the comments!

✅ This is all the process for now. Mojo ends in 9 days. Also, don't forget to farm completely free ones like $BLOCK, $PARAM, $COOKIE and $TRIP with this content! Definitely do not skip these processes, let's take our place quickly! We have all seen people make thousands of dollars with the latest $GMRX!

📍 We will continue to update you and provide guides with new methods on the subject.

Please follow our official Twitter @zksync_hunter page to be informed about such reviews.

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