Confirmed Airdrop LayerN

12 Apr 2024

Confirmed Airdrop - LayerN

A total investment of $5,000,000, including Solana @LayerN_Official Take your place for the #airdrop by joining the Testnet of the project! 🚀

Cost: $0 💰
Potential earnings: +$500-$1,500

Join this approved airdrop event now with our guide!

What is @LayerN_Official ?

Layer N is a new layer 2 designed specifically for financial applications on Ethereum and aims to rival existing traditional financial networks.

The project has launched its own Testnet and has an investment of $5,000,000

Airdrop Transactions 💰

First, let's add the necessary Testnet network to our wallet.

→ Go directly to

→ Then go to to get Test tokens.

→ Paste your wallet address and press the Start mining button

Joining LayerN Testnet

Now let's move directly to the tasks.

→ Quickly go to

→ Connect your wallet.

→ Connect your Twitter and Discord account.

→ Then go to and add the network to your wallet.

Trade and Galxe Transactions

We start the process on the Testnet screen.

→ Trade $ETH on the same screen.

→ Connect your wallet.

→ Then go to the Galxe quest address:

✅ Result
• That's all the steps for now, congratulations.
• Don't skip these zero-cost transactions, there is a lot of hype, airdrops can be very valuable! • Evaluating testnets (completely free) can be very important and profitable.

Please follow our official Twitter @zksync_hunter page to be informed about such reviews.

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