Pyth Network: A Protocol for Price Information on the Blockchain

12 Feb 2024

About Pyth Network

Pyth is a protocol that allows market participants to publish price information on-chain for others to use. 

A protocol is an interaction between three parties:

  1. Publishers  send pricing information to Pyth's oracle program. Pyth has multiple data publishers for each product to improve the accuracy and robustness of the system.
  2. Pyth's  oracle  combines publishers' data to create a single aggregate price and confidence interval.
  3. Consumers  read the price information produced by the Oracle program.

Pyth Network's role is to provide three different data products that address a variety of applications. 

  • Solana Price Feeds aim to deliver real-time data,  updating prices as quickly as possible on the Solana  mainnet. 
  •  Pythnet Price Feeds extends prices across multiple blockchain ecosystems, including  Ethereum  ,  BNB  ,  Avalanche , and others , valid in both on-chain and off-chain scenarios  .
  • The Benchmarks product complements Pyth's portfolio by providing historical price data for payment purposes and similar applications. 

Pyth provides ecosystem-specific SDKs to assist with both on-chain and off-chain parts of the integration. The easiest way to use Pyth price feeds is to integrate the appropriate SDKs into your application. 


  • gas efficiency
  • High update frequency
  • Low latency
  • More price feeds
  • Reliable in variable conditions
  • common infrastructure
  • sustainable

Pyth Token

PyTH is the governance token of the Pyth Network. PYTH Token holders  have access to Pyth governance through 
the convenient staking and governance frontend (opens in a new tab)
Pyth Network's governance system allows participation by anyone with PYTH Tokens. Token holders must stake their tokens in the Pyth staking program to vote on community management proposals. Governance uses a 1:1 token voting system where each staked token casts one vote.
Any PYTH Token holder can submit bids to the Pyth DAO as long as they own 0.25% of the total staked PYTH tokens.

PYTH Distribution

There are a total of 10,000,000,000 (10B) PYTH tokens available.
The initial circulating supply (November 2023) was 1,500,000,000 (15%) PYTH. The remaining supply (85%) is initially locked and locked tokens will be unlocked 6, 18, 30 and 42 months after the initial token launch.

Token Distribution

1. 22% - 2,200,000,000 PYTH
This allocation is reserved for Pyth Network data providers or "publishers".
2. 52% - 5,200,000,000 PYTH
“Ecosystem Growth” allocation is a strategic portion of tokens reserved for contributors to the Pyth Network, including developers, educators, researchers, strategic contributors, early publishers, and more.
3. 10% — This portion of the 1,000,000,000
Token supply is allocated to contributors focused on building oracle tools, products, and infrastructure to expand the network's suite of decentralized data services.
4. 6% —
This portion of 600,000,000 PYTH Tokens is reserved for the initial launch phase and related activities and initiatives. 
5. 10% — 1,000,000,000
This category represents two historic funding rounds for strategic contributors who add value to the network in terms of consulting and infrastructure support.

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