Edu3Labs: Monetization and Rewards on Education Platform!

12 Feb 2024

About Edu3Labs

Edu3Labs is a concept that combines education and blockchain technology to create a platform that creators, students, and NFE token holders can benefit from.

The “Learn+Earn” concept is designed to provide cumulative profit to all parties involved. It allows creators to monetize their knowledge and skills and students to earn rewards for their educational progress. Edu3Labs is a new and innovative way to make learning more engaging and rewarding for everyone.

The Edu3Labs team thought hard about this and came up with the idea of ​​“Blockchain of Education”. Web 3.0 is powered by the creator economy; anyone can create their own content and make money from it (this is a very simplified definition). Web 3.0 is also based on gamification applications, and the Play-to-Earn model (or GameFi) is at the heart of this.

The main goal is to position the Edu3Labs educational platform as the main reference network between educators and students launched in the universe of decentralization and monetization in cryptocurrencies.

Edu3Labs is the combination of these concepts and offers users the ability to study, learn and earn through a next-generation Web3 Based education platform.


Edu3Labs aims to create an Education 3.0 Economy where all stakeholders are included and rewarded with blockchain technology and NFE tokens. The Edu3Labs ecosystem will include not only students and teachers, but also investors, gamers, freelancers and talented creators who can add value to the Education 3.0 economy.

NFE Token

It will be the center of the Education 3.0 ecosystem and will be funded on the platform for educational organisations, companies, lecturers, high-profile executives and other experts whose content will be beneficial to our purposes and users. NFE tokens will be used to access courses, participate in quizzes, and invest in early-stage startups related to the education sector. In the medium term, there will be additional privileges for NFE token holders, such as HR services, consulting and networking, and free tickets to educational events. NFE token, which is the key to the Education 3.0 economy, has many different usage scenarios and at the same time rewards both its students, content creators and investors with its deflationary and demand-oriented structure.

NFE Marketplace

Edu3Labs' NFE marketplace provides a wide range of benefits for students, creators, publishers, and academics. It creates new opportunities to make money and benefit from educational content using blockchain technology, while also offering users a new way to own and trade digital assets. Additionally, the token allocation system creates a sustainable ecosystem where everyone is rewarded for their contributions.


Edu3Verse is a metadata platform developed by Edu3Labs. It is a virtual city where education is a complementary tool to create a quality community with high intellectual capacity. Edu3Verse will be built using Unreal Engine, which will provide an extremely high-quality user experience.
Edu3Verse will be a one-stop shop for students, investors, companies, entrepreneurs and the entire Edu3Labs community. It will be a place where people can connect, learn, play and collaborate in a virtual world.


At Edu3Labs, we believe in creating a community-driven ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders, including investors. That's why we've implemented a staking mechanism that allows investors to earn passive income through our platform. Investors can earn additional NFE tokens as well as USDT by staking NFE tokens.

Educational Game

We believe in the power of gamification to make learning fun and engaging. That's why we created an Educational Gaming department to develop blockchain-based educational games and educational games for corporate customers. We call this concept "Play, Learn and Win" because players not only have fun and learn new skills, but they also have the opportunity to earn rewards for their progress.


Pre-Seed 4% 36,000,000
Private sale 1.33% 12,000,000
Community and KOL 1.44% 13,000,000
Public discount 4.11% 37,000,000
Staking and Rewards 15% 135,000,000
Airdrop 1% 9,000,000
Liquidity Pool 18.67% 168,000,000
Content Creators and Partnerships 15% 139,000,000
Marketing 12% 108,000,000
Core 5% 45,000,000
Consultants 4% 36,000,000
Software and R&D 3% 27,000,000
Founders and Team 15% 135,000,000
Total Supply 100% 900,000,000

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