$MONAD just raised $225M from Paradigm and confirmed airdrop

11 Apr 2024

$MONAD just raised $225M from Paradigm and confirmed airdrop

Cost: $0
Potential Profit: $8,500
Time: 10 minutes

Monad has closed another mind-blowing raise from Tier-1 VCs and now valued at more than $3 Billion.
Make sure you're eligible with the most complete guide

Monad is a high-performance EVM-compatible L1 built with a focus on performance, decentralization and scalability.

@monad_xyz has recently closed another massive round of funding increasing the total raise to $244M at a $3B valuation

Open https://monad.xyz

➢ Click on the "Join The Community" and head to the Discord;
➢ Go to the #verify channel, agree to the rules and join the server.

Collect primary roles

➢ Head to the #social-credit channel, find the 'comment mob' post and press "get role";
➢ Go to the #newbie-chat channel, open Pinned Messages, find currently active houses (threads) and choose one.

Get full access

➢ Drop a few messages in #newbie-chat and the thread you've chosen;
➢ Introduce yourself, share some unique info and help the newcomers;
➢ Head to the #newbie-create and showcase your creativity;
➢ Monad mods manually assign full access so you might get it even after a single creative message.

Collect important roles

➢ The more roles you can grind, the better!
➢ Focus on getting the Nads role (quality chat), the 1)what (memes & quality sh*tposts) role and the Monartist role (quality art);
➢ Roles list → https://monadcommunity.com/roles

$MONAD is not like the other airdrops

➢ As of today, the only way to become eligible is to actively participate in the Discord & Telegram discussions and create unique content;
➢ Monad is partnered with numerous Tier-1 protocols so by collecting roles in Monad Discord, you're increasing your chances of getting other airdrops. For instance, top role holders already got some juicy $W airdrops from the Monad Team.
➢ Farm Social Credit Score (Discord XP);
➢ Follow Monad ecosystem projects and early NFT collections such as Monadians and Monad Nomads;
➢ How to contribute → https://monad-xyz.notion.site/How-to-Contribute-3c31c176d59845eabc4a6dfbf3435863…
➢ Join Monad Telegram Communities → https://monad-xyz.notion.site/United-Nads-Telegram-group-Links-528050d0488140289564f4c7e8c6fb68…

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