My Grandmother 😍

22 Oct 2022

My grandmother is so beautiful and very intelligent women in my house.My grandmother About five and a half feet tall, fair in complexion but with tanned skin. Even though the whole world fell behind her husband, in the hands of the grandmother, who ruled over our third generation, even though she crossed the age of seventy - the stick did not come. All the teeth were intact; But shine like a pearl. There was no black hair on the head. Big ears, sharp nose, facial expression that conveys the beauty of youth despite the wrinkles on the face. Stiff spine, old twisting canal vessels in legs. Choli on the body and Nauvari Irkal Lugdi of two colors green and red. Bukka applied on the forehead to hide the tattoo. Our whole family was enjoying Gunya Govinda under the umbrella of Grandma.We had a village cow in our house. We used to call her Kapili. She would definitely give one bite at a time. Therefore Davani always had Kapili's bull. Kapili also used to give a lot of milk. Our father or uncle went out to draw milk, or our march with a glass was followed by a cow in the cowshed, or the calf would be herded and we would listen to the music of the gurgling of milk in the fat and wait for the cow to be filled. When the fat was full, he would stand in line with a glass without leaving the calf again. Then the warm milk would come into our glasses and we would drink the warm milk till we got a mustache. Finish there and come home. The remaining half of the herd came into the house, and the old woman used to take it easy. I used to sit there. Pulling each bead of the garland in the hand, something kept on rustling, because only one thing, my mother used to strictly guard her younger cousin not to make tea and drink it. Four daughters-in-law of four houses came to Nanda. Who should they trust? No one is sure how much to give to someone's child, so grandma used to make sure that we got milk from the cowshed. There was another reason why Aji sat there. Our mother was also great. We used to sit down and do chores. In fact, grandma made everyone share the work. How many days someone would make bread, someone would do the washing, who would do the cleaning, who would wash the dishes, everything was decided and each week's work would be changed like a rotation. Grandmother's strict observation that everyone should get every job. If not, she would teach him; But there was no escape from work. Lakholi for the bread maker. The firewood is not good, or the forts are useless.When the cooking was done, first we would sit in line with the shepherds. Grandmother used to move forward and our mother used to eat food Or any aunt; But even while growing up, grandmother's vigilance. To eat and drink. No one wants to be left behind. After our meal, the wild breads were tied and then all the women ate together. Meanwhile, after beating the boys to school, planning the afternoon work, then Grandma's ride will come to Dhaljant. He will fall asleep while sitting, but the sleep is heavy and cautious. Anytime there was a break, the grandmother would take a kanosa to a firm place and cut her eyes again. When the women in the street gathered while they were sleeping, whether it was sewing, cracking pods or threshing grain, they all worked together. The women in the street used to bring chores. Chat Jai's in law,in chat everyone.
Our dalaj was the village newspaper and my grandmother was its editor. So all the news used to come there. They used to go all over the village to be checked. This concert would break up before the bitter fall. It is the time of the people, that the old age would leave. People used to sit on the slopes. At around eight o'clock in the night, the door of the palace was opened, and once the fire was lit inside, the castle was quiet. Applying or removing this agal on the next door was divine for us. Originally, this six feet long and one and a half feet wide teak used to pass through the temple in one of the walls. It was a very difficult calculation to push her through and open the door or to pull her out with her hands on the jaws of the brass tiger in her mouth and push her into the temple in the front wall. This agal was a door, alternatively a strong protective shell of the castle. Even in the afternoon, we would not have a chance to go out during the summer and holidays, and at night, the support of that fire would also feel the same.In the hot sun, we used to play sitting games on the daljant, padavi, anywhere easily without causing much trouble to my grandmother. There used to be games like chinchoke, gajga, khapara bingya, jiblya, chulbulule mungla, bhovara, gotya, and sometimes we used to take the wood from the firewood of the house and make sticks and bhovaras. While making bhangris, they were rubbed on stone to give them a round shape. Madhana became a hook, that the board had to be rubbed hard to make it smooth. The dried pods of the tarwad were pierced and the acacia was plucked with a fork. One inside and one outside of the goat's tails were applied to the skewers and made into bhangras. Bullock carts were made of millet plates. Bullocks were made by bringing red clay from Talmi. Sometimes they used to bring round balls and sit there and make their nice round balls. Then, avoiding everyone's eyes, he would shoot slowly and go to play football. That's where Kuri used to play his game
Those who didn't get a chance to play used to hang around the branches like a monkey. Play swing. On the way down, the yellow palavi, split off the tops of the parambs, was eaten as a snack. I used to go to the temple. Old people used to wake up by ringing the bell. One day in the afternoon, the march would be diverted to the well. Swim to your heart's content. To play Shivanapani. There used to be a race to throw the balls and blow the water. When he got bored, he used to roll on the soil with his wet body. He started sitting fast, he would jump into the water again, come home tired and jump on the bread. Looking at the red eyes and the white body, I used to eat the grandmother's speech. Childhood was formed in all these natural environment. Fresh tamarind, salt pebbles and raw kainya, tamarind pulp, tamarind taur, umbar, dal, roasted grains, wheat sorghum hurda, raw bangi, guar, small tambati, goats, kalingad, shendad, curry vegetable, sorghum green plate, kavat , all the wild fruits like turi matka pods, their udka, hulgaa pods were going in the stomach. We were growing. was fighting Playing together again. Dhaljant was studying under his grandmother. We were growing up under the shadow of my grandmother.
My grandmother is so joyful and very humble women in my family.

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