My thoughts on Valentines day

16 Feb 2023

I know this will be a pretty opinionated post but this is my actual thought about “Valentine’s Day”. The day in itself is meant to be all about love and spending time with your loved one or taking the leap of faith to make a romantic gesture to someone you may like but I think it is all ridiculous. There is no reason all or any of these types of engagements have to take place on February 14. These are things people should be able to do any time without it having special emphasis because it’s on Valentine’s Day. If anything, romantic advances right now in my opinion have even more meaning because they would be considered spontaneous and thoughtful and not just because it happened to be valentines day. Not only that, I think valentines day takes advantage of the marketing side of things to give reason for people to buy flowers, candles, chocolates when otherwise would not have been necessary. I get that the idea of valentines day is romantic but it is not something that should have to be done on this day. What if something bad happened, like a family related issue, a passing etc, then oh no valentines day is ruined?! None sense, valentines day means no more than any other normal day, and especially shouldn’t be a day that people are obligated to do something on just because it is valentines day. These things should happen naturally and spontaneously, that is the beauty of love. Though I don’t support the idea of Valentine’s Day, I do support people deciding to do romantic things on that day because just like all the other days, it is a day where you have the ability to express yourself as you like <3

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