Handling Trauma pt 3

8 Dec 2022

What will I write today?

I am hurt, I am sad. During the last few weeks, I lost my mom. and as a pro at handling trauma and grief, I really am not doing well. I've lost someone I cared about, and these tips did work. But my mom? it seems to be a whole different story. I find it hard to sleep at night, or even sleep at all. 
It wasn't one of those scenarios where she was sick or something, she just went out hale and hearty, and came back dead. It is a different kind of pain, it is not a thought that would have crossed my mind anytime soon.
however, I am here to say that sometimes it's okay to not have it figured out. I got some condolence messages telling me to "cry if I have to " but they're no tears in my eyes, Question my maker if i have to ( I am quite religious, a Christian to be precise), but I have no words, I said a lot of things in this series but one thing i learned, and could be of help to you too

Live one day at a time. I love you, Momma.


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