understand your child's behavior.

31 Jul 2022

Questions like these often come to your mind as a parent: "Why isn't my 2-year-old, like my neighbor's kid, obedient?" or "Why does my baby cry, throwing his toys everywhere, whenever I'm on a phone call"? While every child is unique in many ways, most children show certain behaviors that can be linked to shared thought processes. As difficult as it sounds, raising your child should by no means be a chore. The more you begin to understand your child's behavior, the more fun their growing up process will be! We are here to help you understand some aspects of your child's behavior faster. This process begins with understanding the intent and reason for their misbehavior. To begin with, we have to understand that each person's behavior is relative and subjective. Therefore, each parent's response to a particular behavior is also different. For example, a child's refusal to pick up their toys may seem minor abuse to one parent, but intolerable to another. behavior may occur. You may know that infants and young children respond to things that are in the present. When babies make a demand for something, they may want it to be met right away! Or they may shout, bite, kick, or tease Huh. They often cannot understand the long-term effects of their behavior.

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It is the responsibility of every parent to give good values and good habits to their child. Parents are always trying to make sure that their child's behavior does not hurt anyone, some should understand that its parents may not have taught it anything. Although children are children, they take time to know the difference between right and wrong.
It is the desire of parents that they do everything for the physical and mental development of their child, which can benefit the child. In such a situation, they start paying attention to their physical and mental development as well as their behavioural, emotional and social development. Explain that understanding the psychology of children is a bit difficult. Especially parents take care of children in an emotional way. In such a situation, they are not able to accept any of their circumstances.
All fingers are not the same and is the approach we should adopt to avoid comparison. :)
every child is different in behaviour