Dealing With Problems !

9 Feb 2024

A ten-year-old boy used to go for a walk to the nearby hill every day with his father.

One day the boy said, “Father, let us race today, whoever touches the flag on the top first will win the race!”

Father agree -
The distance was considerable, both of them started running slowly.

After running for some time, father suddenly stopped.

“What happened Papa, why did you stop suddenly, have you given up already?”, the boy said smiling.

“No-no, there are some pebbles in my shoes, I just stopped to take them out.”, said father.

The boy said, “Hey, I also have pebbles in my shoes, but if I stop, I will lose the race…”, and saying this he ran ahead quickly.

The father also took out the pebbles and moved ahead, the boy had gone far ahead, but now he was feeling pain in his leg, and his speed was also decreasing. Gradually father also started coming closer to him.

Seeing the problem in the boy's legs, the father shouted from behind, "Why don't you also take out your pebbles?"

“I don't have time for this!”, the boy said and kept running.

Within some time father overtook him.

The boy's pain had increased due to the pricking pebbles and he was no longer able to run, he stopped and shouted, "Papa, I can't run anymore!"

The father quickly ran back and opened his son's shoes and saw that his feet were bleeding. They immediately took him home and bandaged him.

When the pain subsided a bit, he explained, “Son, I told you to first take out your pebbles and then run.”

“I thought if I stop, I will lose the race!”, said the son.

“It is not so son, if any problem comes in our life then we should not avoid it by saying that we do not have time right now. What actually happens is, when we ignore a problem, it gradually becomes bigger and bigger and eventually causes us more harm than it could have caused. It would hardly take you 1 minute to remove the stone but now in exchange of that 1 minute you will have to endure pain for 1 week. “Father completed his words.

Friends, our life is full of such pebbles, sometimes we are worried about our finances, sometimes our relationships become bitter and sometimes we face problems with our colleagues.

Initially these problems seem small and we avoid talking about them or finding solutions to them, but gradually they become bigger… A loan which we could repay by paying a thousand rupees, now requires Rs 5000. The bitterness in the relationship which we could have removed with a single apology is now on the verge of breaking and the confusion which we could have solved with our colleague through a small meeting turns into workplace politics.

Catch problems only when they are small otherwise if delayed they can bleed you like those pebbles.




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