22 Oct 2022

I look unto the whole world
I see believers persecuted everyday,
By men of false gods and pride;
Whose thirst are more for blood
And not of the Spiirit and Truth

Corruption has filled the earth to it's brim.
Hundreds user his name for money.
"Pay your tithe or you won't go to heaven"
Private jets, unaffordable universities, noise!
Have mercy on them all, dear Lord!

Ruthless men seek my life in vain
For God has kept it safe and sound.
Therefore, I praise his name more
Even till the end of time. I shall praise him!
That is my religion, that is my Faith!

My faith is my gift from my King
my god and my life my love
you when I leave 40 the noise of today
my tithe offering to him my life of goodness
let the trumpet the blast on his throne

That is my Faith by Charles Mendie

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