How to Increase Intimacy in your Relationship, pt.2

19 Oct 2022

Last blog post on intimacy in your relationship, I discussed how communication is important. You could have an ideal time when you guys sit to discuss or catch up on each other's day during dinner. Sharing meals could increase bonding moments in your relationship.

These bonding moments can also be done while cooking or doing the laundry, just gisting together and setting your phones aside on some evenings, talking and laughing deep into the night, maybe even crying if one or both of you need to release some pent-up emotions.

That's what is referred to as true companionship. Yeah, true companionship what they call I'm in love with my best friend. This kind of communication puts you guys in a constant state of getting to know each other, because the truth is, as humans, we are always changing on some level.
You need to keep up with whom your partner is becoming, so you don't wake up one day and realize you're staring at a stranger.

Touch More 

Physical contact can help you stay connected to your partner. Touch is the first of the senses to develop and is an essential component of healthy development. Affectionate physical has several health benefits which include, a decrease in blood pressure and an increase in the bonding hormone, oxytocin. This occurs for the person being touched as well as the one doing the touching. So reach out and touch your partner, hold hands when taking a walk, make skin-to-skin contact while sleeping, caress their leg while sitting together, and linger when you hug them. Spend more time touching each other to increase your level of intimacy.

Schedule Sex

Make sex a priority again. As unromantic as it might seem, life can get in the way of your sexual connection if it’s not on the schedule. When you crawl into bed after a long day, sometimes the only thing on your mind is sleep. It is easier to go without sex when you aren’t in the habit of doing it. However, if it is part of the scheduled routine. Scheduled sex provides the opportunity to build anticipation and engage the biggest erogenous zone, the brain. You can send text messages leading up to the sex date describing what you want to do and how sexy you find your partner. It also gives you a chance to prepare for alone time where the focus can be on each other. When you engage in regularly planned sexual intimacy, you are more likely to be open to more spontaneous sexual encounters as well.

Stay Connected 

Stay connected with your partner throughout the day. Text each other, leave little notes for your partner, and let them know how your day is going. Check-in with each other once a day and look into each other’s eyes. Understand how your partner spends their day and share your experiences as well. Spend time together in the evenings. Discuss things besides the kids, chores, and schedules. When you feel a strong connection with your partner, your level of intimacy will improve.


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