Disconnection can also identify true love

15 Jan 2023

When two people are close together, it is inevitable that there will be some conflicts in the relationship. When contradictions arise, it is actually a time when you can see who you are dealing with. Judging from the other person's attitude and method, whether he is suitable to go the long way with you or not.

When there is a quarrel between lovers, both parties should calm down and not communicate frequently, because it can also reduce the emergence of some conflicting sparks. Sometimes these problems appear just to test the two of you.

When a conflict occurs in the relationship, a brief disconnection can actually help you identify true love.

In fact, even disconnection can also identify true love

You will be very upset if the people who truly love you are separated for a while. Let's take an example, When Sara fights with her boyfriend, the most common thing she does are not replying to messages, not answering phone calls, putting the phone on silent mode and tossing it aside, and Eating, drinking and having fun with friends.

This is the time when her boyfriend wants to talk to his girlfriend, but she doesn't answer his phone, and when he misses her the most then he calls their closest acquaintances, and requests them to explain to their friend that he should talk to me.

When a person doesn't really let another person out of their mind, unless the other person changes a lot, and if they do, it will make them uncomfortable, and the person will feel like You can leave it at any time.

So, people who are so nervous after being disconnected for a while are afraid that they will really lose you.

The person who really loves you, may more than a little time, will keep contacting you

A friend told me yesterday that he thinks that his girlfriend is too clingy, and he often likes to talk on the phone and make videos with her. Even when the two of them quarreled and my friend wanted him to have a quiet meeting, his girlfriend got angry about this.

When my friend didn't reply for her call for a while and then he got the call again, so he realized that his girlfriend was crying.

I said, "She just cares too much about you."

People who truly love you will treat you as part of their lives and will not take the initiative to disconnect from you

In the relationship between two people, mature love should be the last one to express.

Disconnection can indeed test out how much a person cares about you, but it can also hurt the feelings of the two of you. So true mature love is when he treats you as a part of his life. When you disagree, he will patiently coordinate with you, instead of testing your relationship by taking the initiative to disconnect.

A person who has you in his heart may sometimes accommodate your petty self-willedness, but it will be difficult to maintain this low state after a long time. Because he also needs to have his own self-esteem in his relationship, and he also needs the self-confidence you give him to worship.

Therefore, there is no problem with occasionally using a small willful way of disconnecting to prove that the other party loves you, but you should also pay attention to protecting the other party's self-esteem in this relationship.

Understanding and accommodating each other can make a relationship better and better.
I hope you can meet the person who will always accommodate you and tolerate you emotionally.

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