24 Sept 2022

Every day I wake up is a different kind of heartbreak 
I know I’m not supposed to be actively thinking of this because it won’t help 
I feel like I am in a nightmare 
I see your face every time I close my eyes 
Life fucking sucks 
My whole life is going apart and I am spiraling into depression. 

How do you go from best friends to strangers 
from lovers to strangers 
sharing parts of yourself to not speaking at all 

Here’s how, 
years and years of resentment 
piled one on top of the other 
waiting to crash 
and when it eventually does your whole world crashes alongside 
I can’t eat 
I can’t breathe 
I feel like blowing my fucking head off 
I feel like I am drowning 
my world revolved around you. 
You said you will die if I leave 
if you jump, I am jumping with you
because I love you to death. 

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I enjoyed reading every part
Heart break in life is dangerous 💔