The Art of Balancing Generosity and Self-Care in Relationships

31 May 2023

If a person approaches you, if it is not because you have known each other for a long time, then there must be a reason for him to approach you.

Although it is said that getting along with people should be harmonious and simple, and don't make others think too complicated, but many times people have many sides.

Just because you are a kind person does not mean that the people around you are kind. The reason why many people are easy to suffer and often make themselves suffer is because they are too easy to trust others and use their kindness for things they shouldn’t use.

In fact, it is better not to be too kind, and you have to be careful in many cases, especially when these people approach you, you must learn to be "stingy", otherwise you will be particularly vulnerable.

One is people who turn black and white. If you get in touch with such people a lot, you will find that you are being pointed at by others for no reason, as if you are surrounded by gossipers. This will make you very sad.

The second is the person who often comes to ask you to borrow money. Such a person, relying on you to treat him as a friend, will ask you to borrow money unscrupulously, treating you as a cash machine, and will come to ask you to borrow money whenever there is no money. It will not be returned to you on time.

The last type is the person who thinks you are easy to bully, who will hate you when you are unhappy all day long, often speak ill of you, think you are a soft persimmon, and let him bully you.

What kind of people will appear around everyone has a lot to do with yourself. If you often come into contact with people who treat you badly, then you will definitely suffer.

Don't be too generous with some people

People who turn black and white

Are there people around you who turn black and white? Maybe there are a few people like this around everyone. Obviously you didn't say something, but he wants to say something bad about you to others.

Such a person, absolutely do not become friends with him, the word friend is to become like-minded and think for yourself, if you are with a person who confuses black and white every day, then slowly you will become such a person.

What kind of people you become friends with, then slowly you will also become such a person. Therefore, you still have to learn to screen people who are close to you, and don't be friends with everyone.


Have you ever asked someone to lend you money? Perhaps borrowing money is a normal thing for each of us, after all, people have difficulties, and when in trouble, it is not uncommon to reach out to those around you and borrow money.

If a person has to ask others to borrow money every month, then the friends around him will probably be very afraid. If you often ask someone to borrow money, they will have difficulties after a long time. It is impossible to lend money to you often. Everyone has their own life. If they lend money to you every time, what about their own life? Can it be guaranteed.

So be sure to stay away from the person who often asks you to borrow money, after borrowing habit, he will treat you as an ATM.


Maybe everyone has a different personality! Because some people are naturally gentle, many people feel that they are too easy to bully, and then they are often bullied by people around them, and they will be treated as fools by others.

In fact, people should have their own lives, no matter what kind of circle, as long as it is not suitable, you should learn to stay away, and don't wrong yourself because of the people around you.The people who think they are good bullies, they will never be sincere, no matter what the relationship, do not go too close.


There will be some people who are not good for themselves around everyone, everyone is unique in the world, and no one can live without others.

When there are some people around you who are meaningless to your life or even harmful to you, you must learn to stay away in time.

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