In Love

11 Jul 2022

Keziah oparah, she's 19 years of age, she's average height, she's light skin in complexion. She's very beautiful and has a nice personality.
We first met on Facebook some months ago,we started as friends now we ending as two love birds. The vibes she gave to me was way to amazing , I felt inlove at that distant ,something I was trying hard not to fall for. I did at Instant, Lol. It's amazes me how we just started a conversation just some weeks ago, and we chatting like we knew ourselves some years ago. I love her so very much because she understands me so very well, I love her unconditionally, I would do anything just to see her smile. I would do nothing to loose her, I will try my very best to make sure she's worth it. My girl is my girl, and definitely nothing can come in-between us .

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