🪂 #Berachain Testnet Airdrop New Mission 🪂

17 Apr 2024

🪂 #Berachain Testnet Airdrop New Mission 🪂

Has a total investment of $42,000,000 @berachain We will increase our chances for this free airdrop by #airdropping new missions on #Testnet!

Duration: 2 min. ⏳

Take your place now with our guide below!

📝 Airdrop transactions

→ First https://faucet.0xhoneyjar.xyz/collection Go to.

→ Then press the Set Username button and type a username and press the Save Username button.

→ Then connect your Twitter account.

→ Finally, by pressing the button next to your linked Twitter account, enter the code: RMFZ-1Z7

→ Press the Reedem Code button and share your own code with us in the comments.

→ To get your own code, go to quest: https://faucet.0xhoneyjar.xyz/quests/slumber-party

→ Click the Generate button and share the code with us in the comments!

✔️ That's all the process for now. In addition, new #NFT claims have been opened on the Quest screen from the missions we have participated in before, check if you have received them and claim them!

📍 We will continue to update you and provide guides with new methods on the subject. 🧑‍💻

Please do not forget your comments and reactions.

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