Layer N ( $LN ) is backed by Solana and confirmed airdrop 🪂

12 Apr 2024

$LN is backed by Solana and confirmed airdrop

Cost: $0
Potential Profit: $9,000
Time: 10 minutes

LayerN has raised multi-million funding from PayPal CEO and Solana Foundation.
Testnet is still running, make sure you'll be eligible

Layer N is a novel L2 specifically designed for financial applications on Ethereum and aims to rival existing traditional financial networks.

@LayerN_Official has closed multiple private rounds and backed by Solana, Kraken and Founders Fund (PayPal CEO)


➢ Click on "Connect Wallet";
➢ Click on "Sorting" to lock the list;
➢ Find a good RPC and press "Add to Metamask";
➢ Approve and add the new chain in your wallet.

Head to…

➢ Connect your wallet, choose Ethereum Holesky and click "Continue";
➢ On the next step you can generate a tweet or just click on "No thanks".

Go to

➢ Click on "connect wallet" and press "fund account";
➢ Press "sign account" and sign the transaction;
➢ Click "deposit" and wait until your transaction is complete;
➢ Press "sign" and confirm the transaction.

The website is rather slow at the moment, give it some time to process your transactions. Meanwhile, you can check and complete other tasks below

Head to

➢ Choose ETHUSDC market on the left and place a few Market and Limit Orders;
➢ Choose a different market and place some orders there as well.

You can repeat this step multiple times to have more interactions!


➢ Press "Connect", choose your wallet and sign the transaction;
➢ Link both socials by clicking on "Link Twitter" and "Link Discord".

Head to…

➢ Sign in and complete as many quests as you can.

Go to…

➢ Connect your wallet, sign in and complete as many quests as you can.

The quests haven't started yet so check the page occasionally and complete them once they're available.

Please do not forget your comments and reactions.

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