Elys Network is the next $JUP with confirmed airdrop 🪂

15 Apr 2024

$ELYS is the next $JUP with confirmed airdrop

Cost: $0
Potential Profit: $7,000
Time: 10 minutes

Elys Network currently runs its last testnet and is set to launch mainnet in no time.
Act now and don't miss the next big airdrop

Elys is a Layer 1 blockchain and the first decentralized suite of financial applications in the Cosmos ecosystem.

@elys_network has officially confirmed airdrop and future rewards for testnet participants. Mainnet is expected in Q2 2024

Open http://keplr.app/download

➢ Download and install Keplr wallet for your platform;
➢ Click on "Create a new wallet" and create a wallet following simple instructions on your screen.

You can skip this step if you already have Keplr wallet installed.

Go to https://testnet.elys.network

➢ Click on "Connect with Digital Wallet";
➢ Choose Keplr and approve a new chain in your wallet.

Head to https://testnet.elys.network/faucet

➢ Click on "Claim Tokens" and wait 1-2 minutes for the tokens to arrive.

Open https://testnet.elys.network/swap#USDC/ATOM

➢ Choose USDC → ATOM, enter an amount, click "Receive ATOM" and confirm the transaction;
➢ Make a few more swaps between different tokens.

Go to https://testnet.elys.network/earn/staking

➢ Choose the USDC pool and click on "Manage";
➢ Enter an amount, press "Stake USDC" and confirm the transaction;
➢ Choose the ELYS pool and click on "Manage";
➢ Select any validator, enter an amount, press "Stake ELYS" and confirm the transaction.

Head to https://testnet.elys.network/earn/mining

➢ Choose any pool and click "Add Liquidity";
➢ Enter an amount, press "Deposit" and confirm the transaction.

Open https://testnet.elys.network

➢ Click on "Withdraw" and press "Send to another Elys Account";
➢ Choose "ELYS", enter a recipient (you can use your own address), input an amount, click on the confirmation message, press "Transfer ELYS" and confirm the transaction.

Share your Elys address with the others under the first tweet of this thread
You can repeat this step multiple times to have more on-chain transactions!

Go to https://elys.bonusblock.io/?r=x5Ua8kvW

➢ Sign in with your Keplr Wallet and approve the request;
➢ Connect the socials, share your current progress and start complete the quests.

If you've followed the previous steps, you should already have some of the tasks completed.

Head to https://testnet.ping.pub/elys/gov

➢ Click on the wallet icon on top right, click on "Connect Wallet", choose Keplr and press "Connect";
➢ Click on any active proposal, scroll down to the Tally section and click "Vote";
➢ Choose an option, click "Send" and confirm the transaction.

Visit the page occasionally and vote in active proposals.

Go to https://elys-network.gitbook.io/docs/nodes-and-validators/elys-network-validators…

➢ Follow the guide to set up a node and become a validator.

This step is optional and only for those who want to get some node rewards as well.

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