The Biggest Problem !

9 Feb 2024

A long time ago, a very knowledgeable Pandit lived somewhere in the Himalayan hills. He was tired of living among people and now wanted to live a simple life worshiping God. But his fame was so much that.
People wanted to meet him even after crossing inaccessible hills, narrow roads and rivers, they believed that this scholar could solve all their problems.

This time also some people reached his hut in search of him. Pandit ji asked him to wait.

Three days passed, now many more people reached there, when there was less space for people then Pandit ji said, “Today I will answer all your questions, but you will have to promise that after leaving from here you will I will not tell anyone else about this place, so that from today onwards I can remain alone and do my meditation… Come, tell us your problems.”

As soon as someone heard this, he started telling his problem, but he could only say a few words when someone else started speaking. Everyone knew that after today they would never get a chance to talk to Panditji; That's why they all wanted to express their views as soon as possible. Within a short time, the scene there became like a fish market and finally Pandit ji had to shout, “Please calm down!” Write your problems on a slip of paper and give it to me. ,

Everyone wrote down their problems and forwarded it. Pandit ji took all the slips and put them in a basket, mixed them and said, “Pass this basket to each other, each person will pick one slip and read it.” After that he has to decide whether he wants to replace his problem with this problem?”

Every person would pick up a pamphlet, read it and be horrified. Everyone looked at the slips one by one, but no one was ready to accept someone else's problem in exchange for their own; Everyone thought that no matter how big their own problem was, it was not as serious as the problems of others. After two hours everyone started returning with their slips in their hands, they were happy that their problem was not as big as they thought.

Friends, who would be the one who does not have a single problem in his life? We all have problems in our lives, some are troubled by their health and some by lack of wealth… We should accept the fact that if there is life then small and big problems will keep coming, in such a situation we should not be sad and think about the same. It is better that we focus our attention on its solution… and if there is no solution for it then focus on other productive things… We think that the biggest problem is ours but believe me, people in this world have such a big problem – The big problems we have are nothing compared to them… so be thankful for whatever God has given you and try to live a happy life.




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