True Friendship !

9 Feb 2024

A boy named Ali was in dire need of money. He asked for help from his boss. The owner agreed to give the money but he put a condition. The condition was that Ali had to spend the last night on the highest peak of the hill without lighting a fire, if he could do so he would get a big reward and if he could not, he would have to work for free.
When Ali came out of the shop, he realized that it was really very cold and the icy winds were making it even more difficult. He felt in his mind that perhaps he had committed a very stupid thing by accepting this condition. In panic he immediately went to his friend Adil and told him the whole story.

Adil thought for a while and said, “Don't worry, I will help you.” Tomorrow night, when you are on the hill, look straight ahead, I will sit by the fire burning for you the whole night on the hill in front.

You look at the fire and think about our friendship; She will keep you warm.

And after you spend the night, come to me later, I will take something from you in return.”

Ali reached the hill the next night, Adil was also sitting by the fire on the hill opposite.

Ali somehow survived that snowy night with the courage given by his friend. The owner gave him a lot of money as reward as per the condition.

As soon as he got the reward, he went to Adil and said, “You said that you will take something in return for my help… how much money do you want?”

Adil said, “Yes, I had asked to take something, but it is not money.” I want to take a promise from you… Promise that if ever icy winds blow in my life, you will light the fire of friendship for me.”

Ali immediately hugged him and promised to remain his friend forever.

Friends, it is said that friendship is the first relationship that we create ourselves, we are born with other relationships. Really, if we minus “friends” from our life, then how empty life would seem… Being a friend does not just mean sharing happiness… The real meaning of friendship is to support your friend when he is in trouble, when he When we need you most…

Do you have any true friends? Of course it is, he is the one with whom you are a true friend. And if it is not there, then first of all you should become a true friend… it will automatically become your true friend.!




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