The secret to a perfect sexual relationship🧨

14 Feb 2023

The secret to a perfect sexual relationship🧨

Touch each other more often - and not only during lovemaking, but also during a conversation or in between.

Do not forget to hug each other just like that, not as a foreplay. Not to mention such priceless things as rubbing each other's back or giving a massage.

Touch creates a feeling of closeness.Don’t rush foreplay🤭

While everyone loves a good quickie, it’s important that not ALL of your sex is short and to the point. Afterall, foreplay can be one of the most fun parts of sex.

🧨🧨Extending foreplay helps build up the anticipation of actually having sex, and can make the sex more enjoyable overall.

Foreplay is fun regardless of if you are “giving” or “receiving” pleasure. It’s a way to increase the intimacy of your sex, by encorperating touching and kissing and all the other good stuff. Foreplay can also make sex more playful. Sex doesn’t have to be pure passion all the time, incorporating teasing and things of the sort in your foreplay can also lead to great sex.

❤️‍🔥Get creative with it, drawwwww it out for as long as you can stand, and then think of the sex as t

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