Your Spot in people's life.

14 Dec 2022

It's a pretty amazing thing to know where you stand in someone's life, people underestimate this fact. Imagine being "friends" with someone for a long time but this person doesn't consider you as one. The person may consider you as more than a friend a best friend maybe or even less. Knowing where you stand in such people's life doesn't let you over play or under play your role because overplaying or underplaying your role will lead to problems that just communication would have solved. In the aspect of relationships, you may think you are in the talking stage with someone and not knowing that the person doesn't take what's going on between you guys as thus for all you know, the person just takes you as a friend (and now you've been friendzoned). Communicate what you want to be in people's life so that you don't be sidelined, hurt or worse friendzoned.


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