Cry & Smile

7 Oct 2022

Learn to smile, the smile brightens up the face and the soul. Learn to smile, the smile could be a clear image to your soul. Learn to smile, so you don't look older than you actually are. Learn to smile, because no matter what you are going through you'll be fine. Learn to smile, because it looks so good on you. Learn to smile, because you have a beautiful one.
As you smile, don't forget to cry when necessary. Don't bottle up emotions and cover them up with smiles. Cry when necessary you'll feel a lot better. Crying and tears is not a form of weakness. Crying shows you are human. Crying shows you are sane. Crying is a step forward from pain. Crying can also be as a result of uncontrollable amount of joy (tears of joy). These two work hand in hand they show you are still human and you are capable of feeling.

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