When life is like that

13 Jul 2023
When life is like that


How are you all? Hope you all are doing well. In fact, by looking at the poster title, you understand what I will talk about. In fact we are only humans who make mistakes and only humans who gain experience. Everything involves learning something new, meeting new people. There is also a matter of enjoying new people's culture and natural beauty. But still we cannot adapt everywhere. It is not really our fault but it is an environment fault.

Before 2015 I had never stayed outside Nilphamari. Even if he went to the house of his relatives, he did not spend the night there. But now I am alone in Dhaka for years. One has to adapt oneself to the standard of living wherever one sees it. It took me several years to realize this. When I moved to new Dhaka, adapting to that environment became a big challenge.

I have never shared a room with anyone since enlightenment. Later after going to Dhaka that matter also had to be changed. There were new roommates, I had to go through their pros and cons and they had to go through my pros and cons, so it was very challenging.


I went to Dhaka and joined a new college and got to know new friends there. How to make friends with everyone, how to get along with everyone was also a challenging issue. However, today I have overcome all those obstacles and learned how to go it alone.

Loneliness helps people learn many things that you can never learn with family. One of the biggest challenges after moving to Dhaka city was understanding the language. Because the people of Dhaka speak a little differently and it took a long time to learn those things. Now I understand almost all the regions of Bangladesh, but I have a little problem understanding the Sylhet region.

But nowadays there is not much problem with these things. I am now used to speaking the regional language when I am in Dhaka and the regional language of Nilphamari when I come home.

Since my childhood, I used to help my parents in small tasks and it was possible for me to go to Dhaka and survive because of this cooperation. In fact, if you go to Dhaka, you have to do all your work yourself. If you are sick and you have to do everything on time no matter what, your body will deteriorate. Also, the water in Dhaka is much worse than other regions.

Those who come to Dhaka for the first time mainly get waterborne diseases. But this didn't happen to me because maybe I had a little bit more immunity than others. But now I have merged with all regions. I have had to stay in different districts for my studies in this short life. Stayed in Dhaka, stayed in Gazipur, also stayed in Narsingdi, now staying in Dhaka again. Basically I got along very well with the people of these regions.


When life is like that you have to organize yourself or you will be in grave danger. I have learned this in my short life. However, I will not add a thousand words. Ending here today thanks everyone.

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