Accident and illness

19 Oct 2022

Just like death, another event of sadness that everyone has to face at some point in life. It means visiting those who are hospitalized due to accident, illness, operation. A visit to the hospital is not about going for a walk or an evening walk. Go to the hospital only during the designated timings of the hospital. Don't break hospital discipline by visiting at other times. Also do not disturb the patient and his family. If possible, visit the patient's family with advance notice. Often, especially after a major surgery, doctors restrict those who drink to prevent the patient from becoming infected with microbes. Be aware that it is in the interest of the patient and do not rush to the hospital out of curiosity to see the patient sometime after the operation.

Your visit will make the patient as well as his family members feel better. If there will be trouble, heartache, do not go to meet. For the patient, scientific nursing, medication at the time of service and strict adherence to medical instructions are most important. He recovers quickly. Do not disturb it with your comings and goings. The patient can also be seen after the rough recovery.
While going to the hospital :- While going to the hospital, carry fruits, biscuits, at least flowers, magazines, books which will entertain the patient and cheer up his mood. You can also take Chyawanprash tonic; But give it to Pesht only after asking the doctor. Talk to the patient to make him feel happy, cheerful, excited. Don't say that it will hurt him. Also do not tire him by making him talk too much. Keep shoes and slippers outside the room to reduce the risk of dust and pollution. Keep your dress, face fresh, happy. It has a good effect on the patient unconsciously. As you talk to the patient, question the caregivers, appreciate their courage, their willingness, their sacrifice. Tell them what you can do to help. Be willing to help. Such concrete contribution is more important than just meeting and talking. Be sure to give whatever you can, money, help, blood, time, tea, cans, snacks. Remember that service of the man is service of God. God's service is not worshiping for hours, reciting pothya puranas, or performing rituals. A person can learn a lot from situations like illness, accident, operation. Can be profound. He can learn things like ghost mercy, kindness, benevolence, selflessness. When we see the unfortunate people suffering from various diseases and ailments in the hospital, we should preserve that God has given us a strong body and good health. It should be taken care of. It is realized that it should be useful to others. This is a lesson. We are suffering. It is also known that there are many people in this world who are suffering more troubles and difficulties than that. This awareness then eases our suffering, our pain. Such occasions are useful for testing people. It is through such occasions that one knows who is the true friend, who is the helper, who is the servant, who is the laborer and who is merely showing superficial sympathy.

Patient's condition :- For the patient, his serious illness, accident or surgery can be a revelation experience. Because the patient himself experiences this misfortune. Observing the surroundings.His mood and emotions are more fluid, sensitive, tender than usual. It is very important for him to show patience. Doctors, nurses and family members who are treating them are also affected. So the patient should keep his mindset very positive. I will recover completely, work again with renewed energy, with redoubled strength. Illnesses, accidents will also weaken me physically; But he must constantly remind himself that no one can defeat my courage. That means his courage increases. Often the patient is very depressed due to having to stay in bed for many days. Disappointment ensues. It seems that everything is over. Often, he gets disturbed by the realization of how much trouble, how much trouble, and how much expense is being incurred by his family members and implementers. Gets upset. Soon after this he starts praying mentally. These mental and emotional ups and downs of the patient are very natural. However, the patient should not lose patience. As long as there is breath, there is hope. The world stands on this philosophy. A big meaningful sentence is written on the back of many cars and trucks. "Umid pe duniya kayam hai." Its true meaning is clearly known in times of crisis like illness, accident. How meaningful is the small phrase 'Asha hi jeevan hai'. It is revealed at this time. Then the patient should not lose hope. He should remember the occasions of success, prosperity, progress, happiness in his life. He should review them with his mind. It certainly feels bad. He should remember his family deities, his places of worship, his parents, remember the name of God. This also causes 'negative' thoughts to run. What has not been achieved in life. I should not sit on the sidelines etc. On the contrary, I should have a feeling that I am grateful to this Jaganniyanta, that is to God, for what I have received. Remember good thoughts, hum in your mind. If possible, listen to soothing music. Keep your bed, your corner, your room clean and tidy.
Pay attention to bathing and sponging (wiping the body), clean and loose clothes. Instead, ask for the welfare of those who have come. Children should be investigated. Wish them good luck. Keep smiling.
We have to decide what is right and what is wrong.

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