12 Aug 2022

I miss seeing your dimples when you smile 
Everyday feels like a waste without you 
It’s like I’m happy for a minute then I’m sad again
You ever fall asleep because you don’t want to be awake cause you’re damn tired of reality?

I cried myself to sleep everyday 
but at least I could cry
I didn’t have a friend nor a confidant
someone who will rub my back and tell me everything will be okay 
So I bottled everything in until they threatened to burst out 
then I created more space and shoved it in.

I wish I can be gifted a minute with you, so I can hear the sound of your voice, relish in your hugs, and let your presence soothe my hurt 

I hope you died knowing you were the best person in my life, and if given a spec of a chance, I’ll gladly give my life in place of yours 

I love you and I will continue to love you 

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