The Hustle

3 Jul 2022

Sometimes we tend to get too comfortable in life when you have someone that literally gives you everything you need. 
I was once like this. Tho I was still very young but I can still remember I didn’t use to think much about how I can make myself better financially basically because I had people who were providing me with my needs. Something happened that brought me to the realization how deep life is. 
It was my first year in College, just a few months into the session, I lost my Dad due to a brief illness. My Dad’s death unfolded a lot of things to me. His siblings turned against us and tried to cause a lot of problems for us. At this point I knew that on our own. 
One night I had a deep thought about my life and changed my narrative about life completely. I started pushing for myself, ventured into a lot of little things I could do to get money and never gave up. When one doesn’t work well again, I moved to another idea and on. 
It’s been four years since I took that decision to hustle my way up and I can say that a lot has changed about me and I’ve improved and still gonna improve more. Tho I’m yet to get to where I desire to see myself, it’s a  journey and I’ve covered many kilometers, I’m heading there. Soon I will get there by God’s grace. 
The hustle is full of ups and downs basically because that’s how it is supposed to be, it is not a smooth road. I’m happy I started to hustle. 😊

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