Live in the moment

16 Jul 2022

It's a beautiful day so why not enjoy it. Many of us worry too much about the unknown and things we can't control. It's okay to make plans but don't forget that no one really knows what tomorrow will be. It's in our human nature to plan ahead, about the things we want to do and goals we want to achieve but sometimes life has surprising twists.

We're not in a position to control the events of life because everything is in the hands of God. The only thing we can do is hope and believe that theses goals and plans will be realized. I stress myself about issues at times that tend to bother me but then I realize that stressing might not change things. I can only hope and believe and leave the rest to God. Since we have no control over the future, why not enjoy the moment we're in. The gift of today.

Sometimes, people aren't worried about the future, but they feel haunted by the events of the past which prevents them from fully enjoying life in the moment. Are you that person? It's true that we can't change the past. The events of the past might've been your fault or the actions of another that affected you negatively but you shouldn't allow it hold you down. What are you doing with the gift of today? Why are you obsessing about things you can't control?

Moving forward, you and I owe it to ourselves to live our best lives while we can. Live everyday like it's your last. We've in one way or the other ignored the things that matter because we're stressed about achieving goals. Some of us have become too busy for friends and family, too busy for the people that care about us. This is a reminder that tomorrow is not promised. The vacation you wanted to take when you have the time, why not take it now? Your friends you promised you'll hang out with them next week? Don't procrastinate again. Get together with them. When last did you spend time with the people you call family? Or have you totally devoted you time to making plans about the future where nothing is certain and forgotten to live in the moment?

It's okay to make plans, it's okay to have goals and it's totally okay to work towards those plans and goals but let's not lose sight of the present in the process. Let's not forget what it feels like to take a walk and admire the beauty of nature.


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And it's okay to be live in the moment which could more importantly brightens our future more.
Its more important to living in the highlights because life will be short so we should enjoy each and every moment. Its a very wonderful article.
@Kommie Life is short and unpredictable, so enjoy it while you can! Live in the moment and savor all the good things have to offer.
Thanks for sharing 🙂
Live beats anything
Rajat Dhariwal
whole life is a mystry haha