Great Friend

14 May 2023

As the word friend is easy to say but a true friend is hard work to get a true friend is one who helps you in times of trouble and guides you right. Shows shortcomings in our behavior and speech. I am very lucky to have a friend like Sameer. Sameer is my best friend. He is always chatting about sports. He is a real toy. Sameer is not fond of any particular game. He takes interest in all sports. Specially, he has technical knowledge about every game. Otherwise, how many of us who have been playing cricket forever know the length and breadth of the cricket field?

Sameer not only collects information about sports, but he plays all sports well. He comes home to say goodbye casually, and wins a game of carom. He plays his part in the school cricket team with equal cleanness. He is also loved by the workers who play on the streets at night. He is sure that his team will win when 'Samirdada' comes. As soon as the world championships of any sport start, all the information, even the statistics, are in front of Sameer! How many nations have entered this competition? Where are the matches? Who is the best player in each team? What characterizes the game of those players? Sameer gives all the information about this. The predictions he makes about the final outcome are not always wrong; Because Sameer's study in this regard is accurate. He has a large collection of books on sports. He carefully reads sports news in every newspaper. Removes necessary scissors. The album of players he has collected is worth seeing. When it came to know that any player was coming, Sameer ran to meet him there. Sameer's parents never oppose this hobby. On the contrary, both of them appreciate it. His dad brings him sports magazines. Because Sameer keeps his studies well by taking care of his hobbies. So this friend of mine is a special favorite at home, school and among all friends. “Shuk shuk, shuk shuk. Hey guys, come here. Oh, I know what you're up for. I can tell from the young saplings in your hands and your enthusiasm that you have set out to plant trees in this year's forest festival. I too was planted here by guys like you four years ago. "I still remember that day very well. Vanasapta was going on. Then your guruji had convinced you how important it is to plant trees in the prevailing times. Then I was planted here by your young hands. At that time I was also very fragile. In a small 'nursery' I was born and nurtured with care. The moment you placed me and my brothers on this open ground I was especially happy. I was shaking in the wind and expressing my joy. "How many hopes blossomed in my mind then! It comes to mind with the word grandfather Your grandfather who loves you and provides all your pampering and insistence. Those happy moments of childhood still bring joy to this day, thus an incident is described in the essay. So let's start the essay. Today we had a little home ceremony. All my uncles, aunts, younger members of the family had gathered together. We celebrated our grandfather's eightieth birthday. For the last seven to eight days, our preparations were going on very secretly. We didn't want to let grandpa know anything. But in the end it was grandfather who gave us a shock. After the meal, he ordered the best mango ice cream for everyone and gave each person a gift, taking into account each person's personality, hobbies, and interests. So it was a lot of fun.

Today the balance of natural human life has been disturbed We will fix it to some extent, come In a few years the tree will bloom on the barren soil. This will reduce air pollution. of rain We will call the streams with our high arms Such a hope also blossomed in my mind then. But I was very young at that time. I wanted to grow up was But alas, all these aspirations of mine are disappointed
water fell Because you put us on this floor Put it on and didn't turn around again. The paid gardener took care of it for a few days, but Later he also stopped coming here. “There was no rain, there was not enough underground water. Cattle that got loose, some of you Christmas kids were up for our lives. Many of my friends perished in this crisis, many stunted their growth. I have survived only because of the tenacious pull of life in the mind. It didn't grow as it should have, so I've kicked you guys out now. As you plant trees, adopt them, grow them. Friends, I want to live. I want to grow up. I want to see myself as a big tree. To others I want to give flowers, fruits and shade. It is in the well-being of human beings that our lives are meaningful." The sound stopped. But we realized the error of our ways and decided to take care of the saplings we planted. That plant gave us the same message that 'plant trees and let them live'. I saw the accident when I was going out to go to school in the morning as usual. I had a classmate with me. The street was always busy. I was chatting with my friend when we heard a 'Kurrss' sound. It was the strange screeching sound of the bus braking. That monstrous voice made me shiver. I blinked and saw a double-decker bus standing in front of me. People on the street were running towards the bus. A large crowd of onlookers flocked there. The passengers in the bus were peeping. I suspected that there must have been a major accident. So I tried to get ahead of the crowd. From what people were saying, I understood that two little girls had come under the bus. I remembered that every day at this time two little girls would be waiting for the school bus to go to their nursery school. Their smiling, talkative, innocent faces melted before my eyes. Today, this bus came before the school bus and sat in wait for them. The crowd was growing. The parents of those girls were crying. The police were trying their best to disperse the crowd. I walked from there with heavy steps as I would be late for school; But that scene did not move before my eyes.

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