11 Jan 2023

He was my very first love
Told him every secret
I gave him everything
Including the parts
My parents labeled private
Without withholding anything for myself

We were artists of love
Painting every angle yet to be colored
We spelled out our relationship
On any surface, we could find
Devoured under the sheets
Satisfying every desire

My thoughts were given to him
My actions in the same direction
Every path I walked was for him
All my cravings were materialized
Created and molded by him

Yet on this day, I rose in the thick of night
Stirring my thoughts, actions, and paths
With a ladle of inspection
Seeking, carefully where I gave him the key to unlock
All my hard work to be poured into someone else's heart

He reaped our harvest and selfishly dined with her
Without losing a wink of sleep for his actions
I would invade his sleep if I could
I would burn out his unconsciousness from its rest
I would have his confidence crucified on fear and regret.

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