16 Dec 2022

I feel that manners have one of the biggest affects on giving off a first impression to someone. As a person who works in retail, I get approached by people a lot for the first time in my life and I have but seconds of communication to get an initial impression from people and I would believe they are quite accurate. Any person who is rude or interruptive as their first encounter with someone is very telling, as is someone who is polite or respectful of a person. Over time you learn to gather cues from people, whether it be eye contact or body gestures to anticipate what a person may be like.

Manners and politeness mean everything when first talking to someone so don't forget that! Don't be that one person everyone is telling stories about being an insufferable person :)

However it is the case that in some households or families, the concept of certain manners protocols may not have been as apparent and after reaching a certain maturity they may reach a point where it is very hard to build a habit of the polite/respectful cues.

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Manners are really underated. People of nowadays don't have manners
Johnson Chau
Absolutely agree with this! A simple thank you or please when asking for anything from your friends or strangers goes a long way. @Xenovia
There are 2 types of manners one is good manner and the other one is bad manners, having a good manner indicates a good personality and on the same hand having a bad manner is indicated as bad personality
Manners are one of the most important thing when it comes to a person's reputation or first impression on someone. Manners are capable of showing the type of person you are. Little insignificant words like please,thank you, sorry,excuse me can determine if someone helps you or not. People without come off as annoying. It takes nothing from you to be nice.
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