6 Oct 2022

Compassion entails feeling another person's pain and wanting to help alleviate their suffering. The term "compassion" comes from Latin and means "to suffer together." 

It is related to other emotions such as sympathy, empathy, and altruism, but the concepts differ significantly. Empathy is more broadly defined as the ability to understand another person's point of view and feel their emotions. Compassion, on the other hand, is what happens when empathy is accompanied by a desire to help. 

Forms of compassion

Compassion frequently manifests itself in one of two ways, depending on where these feelings are directed. Compassion can be directed outwardly toward other people or inwardly toward yourself:
Compassion for others: When you have compassion for others, you feel their pain and want to find a way to help them. These feelings compel you to take action in order to improve the situation.
Self-compassion: entails treating oneself with the same compassion and kindness as one would treat others. Rather than beating yourself up for past mistakes, you feel more understanding, mindful, and accepting of yourself and your flaws.

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