5 May 2023

Posture is affected by many factors. Posture is determined by many factors like age, health, economic level, intellectual level, social position, authority etc. Confidence, peace of mind and positivity, time, occasion, etc. also determine the posture. In the same way, how you have got the body in nature (i.e. tall or skinny, slim or fat etc.) also depends on the maintenance of the body. In short, physical, mental, economic, social factors have an effect on the maintenance of the body and the body Individuality shines through the deposit itself. What is your profession, occupation or work, what is the physical demand of that occupation also affects the body. That is why two persons who have the same height and weight naturally have different body postures. Your body posture should be widely socially acceptable. Your impact should be positive from this deposit. Should fall well. Everyone feels that body posture should not be sarcastic or ridiculous. Conscious efforts should be made for it. Attention should be paid, guidance should be sought from the knowledgeable. Even with an otherwise naturally beautiful, well-groomed body, a man can turn out to be an ugly, unattractive man if he does not take proper care of it. In order to get a good response everywhere, to see a good effect on the people, one should pay attention to the following aspects regarding the posture of the body.

• Sitting gracefully: We spend most of our daily life in a sitting position. This sitting should be in a chair or on the floor, it should be graceful, and it is indecent to sit as if bumping or to sit down in such a way that it rubs against the rug, carpet or other bedding on the floor. It does not give any good signal, it does not have a good effect. One should sit properly while sitting in a chair or sitting down. One should sit in such a way that there is no noise or unnecessary movement of the body or it does not feel cramped.

• Hands Many people do not know what to do with their hands. Many people are also ignorant about how to use and maintain it. Just as the lack of confidence in many or their fearful, apprehensive state can be seen from their faces, the viewer can also notice the subtle vibrations that begin in their hands. While sitting in a chair, sit with your hands resting on the arms on either side of the chair. If the chair does not have arms, keep both sides of the chair folded down next to your body. This will also show your confidence. Excessive use of hands or movements done for no reason will also stop. Many people have the habit of tying their hands behind their head. Many people are constantly doing something with their hands. It makes them uncomfortable. It is better to keep the hands naturally as they are on both sides of the body. His hands will not tire. Women, girls need to be more conscious about their hands. Many people have the habit of moving their hands or combing the hair on the forehead and near the ears with their hands. Such movements beyond the limits do not have any good effect on the other party. Instead, their attention goes to the movement of your hands and the gentle movements that make the body fit.

Legs: Constantly moving your legs while sitting in a chair, slouching, just frantically pacing and other pointless movements can have a negative impact on your overall personality. So it is better to keep the legs still while sitting.

• Unnecessary movement even while sitting and talking Don't do it. If there are activities that complement the conversation, he should talk was more effective. Nodding, smiling, etc. as needed in conversation Reaction is more mature and effective in organized form, Standing The act of standing can often seem more difficult than sitting. This 'difficulty' can be due to a number of reasons. There are also many ways to stand up.

a) Standing straight in a natural position with both hands left on either side, with the weight of the body equally distributed on both legs. So there is less stress, pain and fatigue.

b) Standing in a 'resting' position as in the drill. In this, the two feet are kept approximately one to one and a half feet apart and the hands are folded behind the back. As the name suggests, standing like this gives more 'rest'

c) Standing in front of superiors, standing in front of gurus, standing in front of vibhuti whom we regard as our role model is generally of this type. At this time the hands can be folded in front or naturally on both sides. Humility, meekness, respect are expressed through this 'posture'.

d) Standing with hands on hips is not generally considered a 'posture'. Because it does not show respect for the other person, but it shows arrogance towards oneself. Many negative emotions such as aggression, disagreement, avarice, arrogance, self-centeredness, arrogance, arrogance, rudeness are expressed through this posture and therefore in practice this posture is not usually included in proper manners. Of course, it is true that a person has to stand in such a posture depending on the occasion and need.

e) If one wants to stand in front of a senior, 'GIP', the posture should not show any form of liveliness or laziness. On the contrary, there should be a posture that shows promptness, agility, punctuality, dedication and respect.
This will not affect personality:
While standing and having a conversation, your attention should not be distracted elsewhere. It should be towards the other person, her speech. Talking to someone and looking somewhere else is not a sign of good manners. It destroys the seriousness of the conversation, the points. The effect is reduced. The credibility of the person also decreases. It takes habit to have a good 'posture' of the body. should practice takes You have to try. Constant drills, drills, physical exercises in the army are done, the aim is to keep the body 'fit'. Also of soldiers
It is also intended that 'posture' should be improved.

Good Habits:

The body has to get used to standing and walking in the right posture from childhood. Confidence, respect, grace are all expressed through good and proper posture. Remember that proper posture is the foundation of good manners. Inculcate the right habits in your children from the beginning. If their posture is not good, correct it consciously and diligently. Seek expert guidance. Children may have many habits like standing on one and a half legs, biting nails, scratching here and there, humping, moving arms and legs for no reason or making unnecessary movements, putting fingers in nose, scratching head. Dissuade them from it. Explain that this is incorrect. Demonstrate what proper posture looks like. Also state the effect of posture. So children can maintain their body properly. This will make their personality, their 'look' more impressive.

• Poor posture due to impatience! :

Why does a person's posture deteriorate? One of its important psychological reasons is the mental restlessness and impatience of man! This impatience, restlessness brings a swagger in his posture. Candidates going for the interview must take this into consideration. Interview, Oral Examination or a On occasions like 'presentation', a person feels pressured, restless, his heart beats faster, many people feel a pit in the stomach, a dry throat. Fear also increases in the mind that our performance will not be satisfactory; But get control of this mental state of yours. Remind yourself that I will do well.
Organize your points, your thoughts. Don't let your confusion of mind show on your face. Don't make your face cry, worried, scared. Rather build your confidence. Remember your qualities, strengths, characteristics and most importantly remember that even if you don't perform well it is not the end of your life or the end of the world. Don't be discouraged by failure. Don't give up. Don't let your 'posture' deteriorate.

Don't forget that body posture is an important part of your personality. Everyone should take care to create a favorable, positive effect through this posture. Body, height, weight given by nature, we should improve, open up. It should be better utilized through good posture. This is definitely achievable if you make a conscious effort. Remember:

Sit confidently in the chair. Do not lean excessively forward or backward. Keep the knees a limited distance apart. Do not erase it completely or keep it too far. Do not make unnecessary movements while sitting in the chair. If you don't give the body Alokhepilako. Stand properly, confidently even when standing. Adjust your speed accordingly by estimating the speed of the surrounding crowd, people and overall flow while walking. If you are walking with a woman, do not walk faster than her pace. Keep a pace that she is comfortable with.

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