A letter to my not so baby sister.

7 Aug 2022

I don't have a best friend
but I have Mercy . My only sister and sibling. She loves me unconditionally, wipes off
my makeup when I sleep off after a panic attack, she'll listen to all my problems,
she'll never allow anyone treat me badly. She'll tell me when I do my makeup bad, hate on all the boys I like, remind me of how
beautiful l am when I feel insecure, she buys me my favorite foods, she helped me start up my makeup business when we were 21,she'll massage my feet, she supported me getting a puppy (Zoe) even though she had phobia, she'll take all my pictures and give me
constructive criticism, I don’t know what I’d do if I didn't have a Mercy in my life. I love her so much and even in my next life I wouldn’t choose any other person to be my baby sister and partner in crime. I pray everyday for God to keep her cus she’s all I’ve got and the reason I want to do better as an elder sibling 

Love Sarah.

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