Shout-out to NSB

20 Mar 2022

Do you know NSB? North Sydney Boys High School?

It's a great school. Perennially a top-5 selective high school that exists solely to destroy other boys' schools across the state.

Apologies if you have experience with another boys' school, such as Sydney Boys or Normo. I'm sorry you had to endure that trauma. Should've come to NSB man... falcon pride. We have not only the most academically-gifted lads, but we also showcase the most aesthetic Asians in Sydney. Just come and see for yourself. You'll feel self-conscious AF.

Why don't other schools perform as well as NSB? Just study bro. Stop bringing shame to the male species. Either come to NSB or go to a co-ed school. Don't stay in the unluggy limbo.

Private schools are a different story. NSB can't really compete against Knox, Grammar, etc. We just spent our entire school budget on building a new basketball court and some outdoor facilities. Knox could probably do that with one parent's worth of donation... but they already have 5 basketball courts.

All jokes aside, shoutout to my boys at NSB, but also shoutout to all boys' schools. I love you all.

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