Please allow me

14 Feb 2023

Allow me to heal your wounded ego while teaching you how to soar.
I'll grasp your hand tenderly and kiss your tears good-bye.

All I want right now is to see you smile once more, so allow me to guide you into tomorrow's light and out of the unnecessary rain.

Let me sing you every song I ever penned until you fall asleep in my arms. I'll keep you warm and safe until the sun touches your face.

Let me take you to the top of the mountain, and I'll let you touch the sky to serve as a reminder of the fortitude I perceive in you.

Let me kiss you and demonstrate what love is and the joy it provides.
You'll be able to fly once more like a delicate butterfly.

I'll do all of this so you may realize how closely our fates are tied together.
You are the unintended priceless jewel I've waited a long time to discover.

Together, the ground and the sky brought us together.
They understood that just as beautiful sounds and words give each song its life, so do we.

So come, my lovely, fly with me.
We need to go past the past.
You can keep me, and I'll keep you.
At long last, we are at home.

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