The best time for a couple to "love" The wife can reap 3 benefits

27 Jan 2023

After entering the palace of marriage from the vigorous love, the relationship between the two has changed imperceptibly!

It gradually evolves into family affection on the basis of love, and the more familiar the two are, the less passion will be! As everyone knows, sex is not just the birth channel.

The question is, what is the frequency of love that is good for the body and mind?

According to many years of clinical investigation and research, it is normal for couples to maintain sex 1-3 times a week !

The reason why there is no specific data is that every couple has different ages, life patterns, and nature of work, so it is impossible to generalize the frequency of sex .

Especially affected by different age groups, the frequency of sex is quite different . For example, young couples who have just gotten married have relatively strong physical fitness and strong relationships, so the frequency of sex will naturally increase;

But for middle-aged and elderly women, women need to face menopausal troubles, and the decrease in hormone secretion will affect libido. And men will have problems such as decreased physical strength and decreased sexual ability , so the frequency of sex cannot be compared with young people.

It is normal to maintain sex 1-2 times a week at this stage .

If women can maintain a regular sex life, you will reap the following three benefits:

1. Menstrual regularity

According to the research report of Columbia University and Stanford University, if women can have regular sex once a week, the menstrual cycle will become more regular, and it will have a certain relief effect on dysmenorrhea .

For middle-aged women, regular sex can also delay the onset of aging and menopause. This is because in the process of sex, strong sexual stimulation will promote the body to secrete more hormones, including estrogen, progesterone, dopamine and so on.

2. Strong immune system

A study conducted a survey of 111 women aged 16-23. The results of the experiment showed that: women who have regular sex and often get sexual satisfaction will secrete more type A immunoglobulin in their bodies.

It is an important part of the immune system and helps to improve the perfection of the immune system. Studies have also found that women's regular and hygienic sex life can also help prevent gynecological diseases .

3. Improve sleep

Modern women, especially white-collar workers, are not inferior to men in terms of work and life pressures. For a long period of time, this can easily lead to reduced sleep quality and shortened sleep time.

Appropriate sex, foreplay can help the body to release more endorphins to promote sleep , and then mention the high quality of sleep . Sex itself is an exceptionally physically exercise, and by having sex scientifically it enhances exhaustion and makes it easier for you to fall asleep!

Finally, it needs to be emphasized that sex needs to be carried out on the basis of the will of both parties.
Instead of tangling the frequency and length of time, what the spouse really needs to do is to spend more energy to create emotional exchanges.

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