The Fun Fish

2 Mar 2023

There once was a fish in a tank, Who loved to swim and play and prank. He'd blow bubbles and do flips, And sometimes even steal fish sticks.
One day, he saw a cat walk by, And thought, "Oh my, oh me, oh my!" He knew he had to hide and quick, Or else the cat might give him a lick.
So the fish swam around and round, Trying to blend in and not be found. He pretended to be a plant or rock, And hoped the cat wouldn't give him a shock.
But the cat soon saw the tank, And gave the fish a curious blank. He reached in and tried to catch, But the fish darted away in a flash.
The cat soon gave up the chase, And left the fish to swim with grace. The fish smiled and blew a kiss, And thought, "I'm glad I'm not cat food, what bliss!"
So if you see a fish in a tank, Swimming and playing and doing some prank, Just remember the cat who tried to catch, And the fish who was too quick to snatch.

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