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14 May 2023

Mom, is my dad going to be on TV today for sure?" "Yes, yes, yes. If you ask again, I will not answer at all, Sudeep! How many times do you ask the same question?" "Oh, but last time they didn't come on TV ! Dad wants to see my friends! Now when I go to school I am going to tell everyone to watch the night program." "And what a great thing to see your father!" "But they will know, because I have a father too!" "Don't say something stupid!" "Dad doesn't live with us. Never come to my school. All the boys' dads come to the Gathering, but did mine ever come? Then everyone teases me. Because you don't care" "Well! Tell your friends to watch Baba's play on TV today. Above! Satisfied ? Get up, put on your boots, the school bus is coming! I'm not stopping now! I will have time! Today I want to go to Laukar. Mom, I'm gone Sandhya screamed and Sushilabai quickly came out with Sudeep's box. By then the evening had passed.

He then asked Sudeep approaching. "Let's see, what did I put in the box today?" "Grandma, no matter what you give me, I will eat the box today! Why should I say that?" "Surprise, Dad! But let us know the reason to eat the whole box!" "Today my father will come no T.V. Up! So I'm going to act like a wise man! Do you always say that because parents like smart kids?" Sudeep was saying very happily while jumping. Sushilabai continued to sit watching the happiness of Bhabdya Sudeep. He had also heard the previous conversation of Ailek. That's when they thought that they should come out quickly and say to Sandhya, "Oh, if that boy is so obsessed with his father, why don't you bring him to meet him?" I don't know how you have such strong minds?" Sandhya's answer was also decided, "Mom, don't go talking in front of Sudeep like you have been told so many times! He then got even stronger Climb to insist! He is so young, he doesn't know anything yet! But why does his father want to see his son? Has he come at least once?" What happened because he did not come? You should call him and let him know! Otherwise, send Sudeep to him with someone! Why don't even his grandparents want to see their grandson?" "So shall I send him away, nothing hinders me and my son without them! Mother, don't bother me with the subject of Prabhat again and again. I can understand Sudeep. Got it? "Grandma, grandma, why are you sitting there looking like this?" Get up, look at that, my bus has arrived, come on, Laukar!" 'Oh yes, let's see!' Coming to consciousness from the sound of thoughts, Sushilabai picked up his briefcase and box and left him till the bus. There was still a lot of space to cover in the house. But they came in and crashed straight into the sofa. They did not want to do anything. Only thoughts of Sudeep in the head! Once thought to get up straight and go to Prabhat's house to go He should listen to everything about Sudeep. You should come for the sake of the child. So spread the layer. Won't Prabhat listen even if Kakulti makes a request? But if Sandhya finds out why we went to his house, then it is not good. Even if you just mention Prabhat's name, she takes something like this in her head! When we say that we have come to his house, the sky will unite. What will you do? Life breaks for Sudeep. Knuckle is also good. The other day, Sandhya had taken Sudeep to a friend's place for dinner. She seems to have told everything about Prabhat during the chat! Who said what! But Sudeep heard all that and as soon as he came home, the hunger spread! How long to stop crying! And do not tell what happened! At last he cried and fell asleep. The next morning while getting him ready for school, we asked him why he was crying softly, he made such a face and said, "Mom, I was telling my aunt what to think about Dad. Why tell others about your father like that?" Seeing the understanding of that young innocent soul, we did not know what to answer. Then in the evening put everything on Sandhya's ears So she said as usual. "Whose son? His number? He will speak for him !" "Ah, Traga, what are you doing? You only think of yourself! Don't you care about that innocent life? Why not think about his mind?" "That's why I took this decision! Our fights every day in front of that little baby! So that their bad effect should not continue on that little soul..." "Enough, enough, I don't agree ! If only you had shown some sense, this time would not have come at all!" "But why should I show understanding alone? Time for the husband to do whatever he wants and the wife to tolerate it is over, mother!" "Grandma, Grandma, open the door, I'm here!" "Agabai, what is it that you went to school and came back right away?" "We've got a holiday." Sudeep said giving the box to Aji. "Now I will study everything and I mean I have mother Yes, and if she says no, I will tell her no! But you change clothes first! Eat something and study!" But Sushilabai's time was spent studying Sudeep and chatting with him.

After coming from the office in the evening, she had tea! TV at eight o'clock. Sudeep was dancing till the above program started. Prabhat's play was done, then all the actors were interviewed. Till the end of that program, Sudeep T.V. Didn't move close. Even later, Baba was praised till sleep! After seeing that, Sandhya finally said, "Mother, I am worried seeing this lifeless love of a father! When you start to know, one day you will run away to your father!" "How is the world different? Everyone else pampers him, but he will miss Baba! " For some time, Sushilabai was understanding Sandhya. Finally she turned off the light as she was falling asleep. But still, after a long time, they could feel her yearning from this corner to that corner! But she said nothing are not Suddenly a storm of memories came to mind.

My heart was filled with the affordability of my beloved daughter's world! But whose fault is it? The evening of your hearty nature? Or a son-in-law who doesn't understand her? Or is it our own fault for allowing this marriage? Anyone's fault has to suffer, but everyone! So what if there was a little compromise? Did not happen in our world? How many times have you thought that the name of the world is being confused in the storm of strife? But we have never left the steering wheel of compromise. He saved our world! They also finally realized it. Children used to say, "I am such a passionate person, your mother's understanding made our life happy. I could not please her. But you keep her happy." Happiness? A deceptive mirage in life! Even if life ends in running after him, there is no end to happiness. This happened while both the children were in school and the financial responsibility also took over. Somehow, the mother shared the money and taught the children! Both studied well. Got jobs. That too on their own courage! Then the elder Srikanth realized his own responsibility and said, "I am not going to get married unless Sandhya gets married. Don't just carry a magazine, girls!" She immediately started watching the children in the evening with great anticipation! Double graduate! Officer in the bank! He wanted a son of the same age. Two or three children collected leaflets, a place was also sent to bring the girl to show. On the same day, Sandhya said, "Mother, I am going to bring a child in the evening today! See what you think! We both decided to get married!" "I mean! Where are you? Is the boy in the bank?" "No. They were coming to put on a bank play, and I had acted in the same play!" "But what does the boy do? Who's who at home! Have you investigated everything properly?" "The only son of his parents, Ayeh To! And there is a happy family with food and drink. He started working in drama while still in college. Now he is known as a professional artist." While listening to all this description of Prabhat, there was some doubt in my mind. But what was the use of talking now? Sandhya was freed by marriage and it was up to us to bless! That's what we did! First year festival. In that, how did her pregnancy, then dohal food, childbirth all be done with passion and pomp! But Sandhya never felt very happy. Sometimes the mother-in-law was not ready to go. Srikanth got married in that! We went to Baroda to start his new life. However, the mind was wandering around the evening. On the way, I asked her three times, but her mouth was closed! We made up our minds that if there was any grudge between the two, they would forget it in the voice of the child, and went to Baroda. But finally it happened! We have already realized how different it is to act passionately in a drama and to live with the actress. In the fog of love, Sandhya realized it too late! But then she could do nothing. As an artist, Prabhat's whimsical job Sandhya can't handle. Because of that It was in the new world that the quarrels started and the gap between the differences between the two widened. There is no understanding between them. Prabhat is moody as an artist, while Sandhya's nature is pleasant! Bhari got a spark of suspicion somewhere and it was enough to destroy the house. It was not possible to keep accusing each other like that. At last Sandhya came out of the house. Srikanth sent us so that she would be alone! Navin Navin We used to hope that Sandhya would go home once the anger calmed down. We also tried to explain to her in various ways, but she only kept her word, "The fault is Prabhat's, I will not go unless he comes to justice. But he is just as stubborn! He did not even come to see his son. Ale Te divers formus! "Yes, my dad has a play! My father's!" Sushilabai pulled Sudeep close to her and ran her hand through his hair lovingly. Even in his sleep, his chanting of "Maze Baba Maze Baba" touched his mind without knowing why. Woke up the next morning Brushing his teeth, Sudeep said, "Mom, shall I send a letter to Baba?" "Why?" "Because we saw that play!" "Don't want too much wisdom, your Sudeep.

Day by day you walk more and more Shefarat! You should be taken straight away and put in that boys' hostel, so that you will understand better and then you will start behaving straightly!" Sudeep didn't say anything after that. Mukatya prepared himself and went to school. Sandhya also went to office. Then when all the household chores were done, Sushilabai lay down on the cot with a paper, and was shocked to read the news on the first page. Prabhat's bus, which was on a play tour, met with an accident. Prabhat was seriously injured in it and was brought to Mumbai.

He was undergoing treatment in the hospital. But the danger was not over yet. They were surprised that evening. She must have read this news while reading the paper in the morning. Then how come she didn't say anything. Did she feel nothing after reading this terrible news? But we don't want to be silent anymore. evening evening When she came from the office, she would say, "Take Sudeep first and come to the hospital." But Sanghya came in a hurry. She quickly prepared Sudeep and took him as it was her friend's son's birthday. Her best friend, so there was no point in saying anything else. As soon as the paper arrived the next morning, Sushilabai took it first and sat reading it. Sandhya was very surprised to see mother reading a paper after leaving all the morning work. Finally, she asked, "Mom, are you looking at the papers that got up today! Anything special? "Actually, I thought you would tell me, oh, what a big accident Prabhat's car has met with! He is serious, you must have read in the paper!" "Yes, just read it yesterday. But he and I have nothing to do now. When did our relationship end?" "You can't end a relationship by signing a piece of paper like this, Sandhya. As Sudeep's father, you will never forget him. There are blood relations. Throughout life Will accompany you. I think you should take Sudeep and meet him once" "But this is never possible, mother! I would have thought if he had expressed his desire to meet him. If Sudeep was taken close to him in such a situation, something bad would happen to that young mind! Get this thing out of your mind mother." He knew Sandhya's stubborn nature. So she didn't say anything. But they were not at ease. Many times they thought that they should take Sudeep and come to see him but Sandhya will understand. She used to keep quiet. Sandhya did not bring up the subject again. Sushilabai was surprised by this! That even then our lake cannot forget the old struggle. When a person is scamming on the borderline of life and death, what kind of quarrels and quarrels have come! Now the fact is that if she approaches him with a big heart, then the bitterness in his heart will surely disappear. But the evening will not pass. In fact Sudeep has T.V. It is also a surprise that he was allowed to watch his play above. He will be famous later If we say let's go to see the play, we don't even eat at home that day! He struggled, "how do you want to praise the man who ruined your Lekki's life?" We wives of this culture do not want to leave the legs of the husband even if he kicks him, we cannot walk hand in hand with you. Tried it anyway. Prabhat's name is also decided not to be removed in the house! But as Sudeep came to know, he started missing Baba without knowing it and started asking about Prabhat himself. Then again we felt the hope that the bitterness in her heart will reduce at least a little. At least she will allow him to meet Sudeep. But the opposite happened! Sandhya used to get annoyed while answering Sudeep's questions and because of that, her anger increased even more. It is still there. Sushilabai was also just thinking. She also could not go to meet Prabhat. Four or five days later, the expected news appeared in the paper. The doctor tried his best. But they could not stop Prabhat's death. Even when he was leaving, he couldn't see his son: Susheelabai was more hurt! But Prabhat's death did not seem to affect Sandhya in any way. Her routine was on as usual! Even though Sushilabai thought he was so serious, if she didn't feel anything, what difference is it going to make now that he is gone? Once she had completely broken the relationship with him. So whether he is or not? Sandhya came from office as usual. Sushilabai gave her tea and food! But she only took tea. Today, however, her mood was not as usual. Otherwise, she used to chat with her mother while taking tea. But not a single word was spoken today.

She lay quietly on the cot for a while and then started fiddling with the clothes. However, Sushilabai quickly came forward and said, "Hey, do you want to go on a tour for some office work or what? Why did you take out the suitcase and start packing the clothes?" "No. Not on tour. I decide to take Sudeep to Prabhat's house. His parents are old. By dawn But what is your relationship with that house now? I don't understand something, the meaning of your behavior?" "You always say no because blood relations cannot be ended by signing a paper like this! Sudeep has a blood relation with the house and will remain till the end. He will always point to that house as his home!" "Yes, that's right. But what's the use of me? Where did you get it!" "Got it! I got it too! And my struggle was with Prabhat! His departure is over! If Sudeep stays with them, they will try to forget their sorrows. Seeing it from him! Ripe leaves will fall anytime! But at least the last four days will satisfy them! I have summoned the fear, he will come to judge you tomorrow!" Sushilabai was taken aback by Sandhya's own decision. She used to take her own decision every time. Even now she did the same! And what we will do was explained to Sushilabai. Still they could not believe it. She was looking at the evening like a madman. He remembered only Sandhya's words. Blood relations cannot be ended by signing a piece of paper."

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