10 Aug 2022

I spoke about some different types of denim jeans in my last article as they are a great addition to your wardrobe. I will proceed to speak about the others today:

Bootcut: Yeahhhh!! It has to be criminal to not have at least a pair of bootcut jeans in your collection. Bootcut jeans are a mainstay of western attire, cut to fit over a pair of cowboy boots. They come in a variety of sub-flavors, such as thin and relaxed, but they all flare out at the hem—not necessarily a disco, bell-bottom-level flare, but a flare nonetheless. Traditional bootcut jeans have a high rise that lies closer to your natural waist, but modern versions frequently have a low rise. The bootcut was last fully important in the mainstream in the early aughts but has recently returned to the fore with designers like Gucci exploring '70s aesthetics, not to mention Gen Z's continued preoccupation with Y2K fashion.

Wide-Leg: Wide-leg jeans are the way to go for maximum breathability and comfort. These days' baggy jeans aren't quite JNCO-level loose, but they're still quite spacious and will make a big impression when worn appropriately.

Relaxed Taper: The relaxed taper, often known as the "athletic fit," is intended for guys who never skip leg days. The silhouette—roomier above the knee, tapering below for a more fitted fit—is intended to highlight rather than conceal a formidable set of tree trunks. If you have impressive gams, these are the jeans to show them off in.

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