Life Without Mobile Phone?

17 Aug 2022

Life Without Mobile Phone?

As fast as mobile phones have become a part of common life all over the world, it probably has not happened with anything else. How deep they have penetrated into our lives, it is estimated from an advice of scientists from the University of Missouri, America. They say that people who use an iPhone must carry their phone with them when they are doing something that is very important or that requires a lot of attention.
If Phone users are away from their phones, their concentration and efficiency decrease, as the phone becomes a part of their personality, not just their everyday lives. When they are away from the phone, they feel like a part of their personality has been missed and there is a feeling of incompleteness. It also has physical and mental effects and they are unable to work at full capacity.
It is also an experience that when a person feels restless or unsteady, takes out his phone, starts dialing a number on it, or starts doing some other work. If nothing else, he starts looking at old messages or numbers or starts playing games. The phone has become synonymous with communication or a comforting companion in our restlessness.
We have become so accustomed to the loneliness of modern life that even when we are sitting among people, we get relief from the presence of the phone. If the phone is not with us, we feel that we have become 'alone in the crowd', our communication with the world is broken. Such a relationship between man and machine has never been heard before in history.
Most of the calls and messages come to us from cheap loan lenders and home sellers, but people doing research in this area say that if the phone does not ring or the message does not come for a long time, then many people feel like this. That they have lost contact with the world or that people have forgotten them.

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Mobile has become an integral part of today's busy life. Without mobile, it seems a bit deserted. That's why it is said that without mobile everything is deserted, if you forget anything else in the house, then it doesn't matter, but if you forget your mobile, then there is a feeling of emptiness. Mobile has many advantages in today's busy life.
Roti, cloth and house... Apart from these three basic things, the thing which has become an important part of our life is the smartphone. Most of our work is such for which we depend on smartphones. Whether to set an alarm to wake up in the morning or book tickets for online shopping or travel, the smartphone does this work for us in a jiffy….But what if we have to spend a day without a smartphone?
Mobile phone has an important place in our life. In today's era, if we imagine life without mobile, perhaps we will start feeling uncomfortable. After the arrival of the iPhone in the market, it was widely discussed in the media, on websites and on blogs. The price of iPhone is very high, so its consumers are less in India, but if we talk about common mobile phones, then you will probably feel that life is incomplete without a phone.
If someone tells you that you have to spend 1 year without your smartphone, then you probably would not even like to look at such a person. But just imagine, how will it be if someone gives you lakhs of rupees for a year without a smartphone? After listening to the offer, it would seem that what difference does it make, you will live without a smartphone for 1 year, you used to live before, you will die a little. But you have no idea what it is like to live without a smartphone for a year in this era of smartphone and internet.