22 Sept 2022

A son grows up to admire his father, he does everything he can to impress the man. He tried his best to get good grades,he tried his best to be the best version of himself the version he's father would be proud of. he tried everything a kid could to please he's dad but nothing he did seemed to please him. A day comes and he's got his results, he's so happy that he's got straight A's. With joy and happiness he calls his dad to let him. After telling his dad that he got straight A's his dad says "Not right now I'm busy". This broke the young man to many peices difficult to bring back together. Drinking and drugs became he's new found life. One day he was casually asked "why do you drink so much" and he's reply was " if the one person in this world I'm trying to impress doesn't give a sh*t about me, why should I give a sh*t about myself" the people that asked this question felt they needed to do something about it. During their planning phase, they come back home to find out that he had OD excessively. He was taken to the hospital but he didn't make it in the end.
A simple "congratulations", "well done ", "I'm proud of you" would have saved the man from the road that took he's life. Try your best to read the moment and day the right things in order not to break someone because what you say at any point in time can either make it break someone.


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