Love me

12 Sept 2022

I’ll kill for your love 
To have you in my arms one more time
My love 
I made a decision in error
We make mistakes 
I am sorry 
I know I hurt you 
I am experiencing withdrawals 
I was convinced this is what I wanted 
But the air feels so stale without you in it 
My heart forgets the beats it makes when you are by my side 
My lips feel parched, you are not  here to kiss it 

I will come before you 
grovel and beg 
I will do anything to save me from myself 
I need a drop of your love 
My heart cracks in several pieces as I take a breath without breathing in your love 

I need you, can’t you see that? 
I did not know any better 
I cannot continue this way 
Love me

My love 
I write this to you 
With a heart full of regret 
Forgive me 
Love me 

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It really feels very sad at the moment
I enjoyed this romantic article
This is sad, i hope he/she forgives you. Then loves you better than before
Diana jade
Love is painful they say