9 Feb 2024

The weather is cold, white clouds float in the deep blue sky, signaling a warm and cheerful atmosphere to welcome the Vietnamese Lunar New Year 2024 in the North, Central and South. Each place offers a unique space, reflecting the culture and enthusiasm of the community.
1The North - Northern Colors
The North, where the coldest weather is during the first days of the New Year, welcomes Tet in a cozy and colorful atmosphere. The streets in Hanoi, Son La, and Lao Cai light up with strings of colorful lights. Pink and white apricot and peach trees show off their pure colors in front of each house, creating a beautiful and brilliant picture.
The atmosphere of Tet Tonkin not only contains within it the traditions of the nation, but also the blend of folk music and the aroma of traditional dishes such as banh chung, sausage, and fried spring rolls. Village communal houses and temples become more bustling than ever with shouting, beating drums, and shimmering hanging lanterns.

2 Central Region - Rich in Art
In the Central region, the Tet atmosphere is filled with nostalgia and memories. Cities such as Da Nang, Hue, and Quang Binh have turned into large art museums, where the talent and creativity of the people of the Central region are clearly shown.
Traditional festivals such as Hue Festival or Da Nang Carnaval bring participants into a space of color, music and art. Traditional villages like Hoi An open their doors to welcome guests with magnificent walls and elegant hanging lampposts. Artisans doing traditional crafts such as calendar making, candle making, and sky lantern making provide a wonderful decorative atmosphere.

3 The South - Dynamic and Prosperous:
Southern Vietnam, with its warm and sunny weather, brings a Tet atmosphere filled with energy and prosperity. Cities like Saigon, Can Tho, and Bien Hoa light up with thousands of LED lights, creating a sparkling night sky.
Spring flower markets, red light markets, and central streets are vibrant with cheerful music. Families focus on decorating their homes with ornamental plants, apricot blossoms and peach blossoms. Delicious meals such as banh tet, banh chung, and popular dishes are also indispensable highlights.
In the atmosphere of Lunar New Year 2024, the three regions of North, Central and South shine with their cultural diversity and friendliness of the people. Along with traditional values, this year's Vietnamese Tet is an opportunity for families to reunite, everyone shares joy, friendship and hope for a prosperous new year.

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