3 places I would like to visit

31 Jul 2022

I have been very far overseas more than once but there are still 3 countries that I want to go to. Here are 3 countries that I dream of going to.

Number 3 is The United States. This is such a big country with so much to offer one of the main reasons I would go there is the sport. It is so much bigger there than in Australia also in some places the weather is amazing. I think coming here would be amazing.

Number 2 is Canada, this is an amazing country for tourists. Probably the best thing there for me would be niagara falls which looks like the coolest view ever and it would be sick to experience.

Number 1 is Jamaica, this country looks beautiful, it would be so fun to be staying on an island for a week with beautiful water, nice people and time to relax.

There are lots of wonderful places in the world let me know your favorite in the comments.



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Thanks for sharing this great article
south coast surfer
Having lived in Canada for 2 1/2 years on a working holiday and in the off season, extensively travelling from the East Coast of America over to the West Coast, I definitely can agree with you on your 2nd and 3rd choices - these are amazing countries - the sport I got into and followed was NHL but also loved watching NFL. Niagara Falls was an amazing experience, and I was lucky enough to go on a boat called the Maid of the Mist, right up next to the falls - did you know that Niagara Falls used to be the Honeymoon capital of the World?
I love seeing different people’s travel lists, anywhere in the caribbean has to be my dream vacation. I’ll see u in jamaica
Thanks for sharing your list. I would have to say it would be difficult to call out my Top 3 places to visit as there is so much to see. Whilst there is much more I would like to visit New Zealand, Vietnam and Brazil
I would for sure like to visit maldives, Andaman and nicobar, and the last one is kiullu
Would love to visit Egypt to learn about ancient Egyptian history. I would also love to visit the moon atleast be the African to achieve such fate.
I haven't thought about the places I would actually want to visit. But one place I do have in mind is South Africa, damn those guys have really pretty ladies with all the things every guy would wangt in a lady. So that is in my top part of the list
Well I haven't actually made a list yet of where I'd like to visit. Looking at your list, I'm motivated to make mine
It's a great place which is all covered in the article
Great list. Watching the NBA, NFL And Baseball would be an awesome experience. I was fortunate to watch GoldenState Warriors play a few years back, and that was great memorable experience. There are a lot of great places to visit.
I likely to visit Uk, USA and Canada