Living and Existing- The Difference

21 Nov 2022

We will first start by defining both terms Live and Exist
Live- this is to be alive or have life
Exist-to live and to have reality

What then does it mean to Live and to Exist

To quote the words of Oscar Wilde 'To live is the rarest thing in the world.' We must know that in our journey of life, most people just exist and that is it.
Just like so many people, we may be wondering if there is a difference between living and existing. 
It is obvious that both words mean to remain alive, but they cannot be used interchangeably as they apply in different contexts of a sentence.

To Exist is to stay alive or to continue to be, this can be described as doing everything necessary to be alive, but when Living comes into the picture, it means you are enjoying every moment and making the most of it while you are existing. So it is safe to say that one must first exist before He or She can Live.


Living is the complete existence of a being to the fullest, it also implies that you sought after the fragrance of life. Living is appreciating the present and being grateful to your maker and you are also thankful for the things that are yet to come. Living is letting go of your past and all the expectations you've set for the future. Living is completely the Present and how you are able to savour every moment of it to the fullest. It is written that the 'Power of now is the master of all times.'


Just Existing is making your life devoid of control or options in it. This can make one a slave of oneself and stagnant. just existing makes us lack the true essence and meaning of life. Existing in the present isn't the best.

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We all should try as much as we can to live in this world that we find ourselves as opportunities don’t come by often. When we still have the gift of life, we should appreciate everyone in our lives that play a role or the other. To live is to be alive
Thinking about my life, have I only existed, or have I lived? Wow, thanks for pointing out the difference between both them, now I can explain what living and existing are distinctive.
The difference between living and existing is quite technical and one must be careful when describing both of them. For there's a thin line between just existing and living. No wonder the say 'living the life ' exist. Living is more of an action word unlike existing. Existing is being just there and not being a part of our present environment and what goes on around Us